During my time at Emory, I have tried so many different cuisines and restaurants in Atlanta. I like to think that I've perfected my list of the absolute best places to eat in Atlanta for every different mood and occasion, and now I'd like to share my knowledge! 

#1. Brunch

Buena Vida Tapas & Sol

My #1 favorite brunch spot is Buena Vida! They also have amazing dinner, but nothing beats their unique brunch menu. The atmosphere here is also perfect, complete with an  instagrammable sign, great drinks, and delicious food.

What to order: Chicken-n-waffles 


I had to include Murphy's since it's a very close #2, especially if you're looking for more traditional brunch options. I even celebrated my 21st birthday here, and their drinks are amazing...blueberry mimosa, anyone?

What to order: Malted waffle 

#2. When Parents Are Visiting

Parker's on Ponce

Every college student knows that when their parents come to town they're about to be treated to very nice, oftentimes expensive, meals. So you might as well let them treat you to a steakhouse, and Parker's on Ponce is one of the best. With a long list of options besides just steak, including vegetarian and seafood options, it'll be sure to make anyone in the family happy. 

What to order: Steak, of course!

#3. Near Campus

Emory Village: Dave's

When you want something to eat near campus, Emory Village is an easy choice. While many of the restaurants there have unfortunately closed, Dave's remains a staple. Every sandwich on the menu is delicious, and Dave's is a must-try for any Emory student.

What to order: Dave's Club 

Emory Point: Boruboru

If you're not feeling Emory Village, but still want to eat somewhere near campus, head over to Emory Point! Like Village, restaurants at Point have also recently faced many unfortunate closures, but Boruboru has held on and is my personal favorite restaurant in the Emory area. Its menu offers sushi burritos (!), rice and salad bowls, and ramen, and allows you to create your own meal from a list of bases, proteins, and veggies. 

What to order: Make your own rice bowl!

#4. Catering

FIGO Pasta

I have ordered FIGO for several catering events, from sorority dinners to graduation celebrations, and it is always a hit. The menu is large and offers many different types of pasta and sauces which you can combine in any way you want, as well as sandwiches, salads, and meatballs. If you want to please a large group of people, FIGO is the way to go.  

What to order: Any pasta with 4 formaggi sauce 

#5. Date Night 


I talk about Bar.bacoa nonstop, and for good reason. It is probably my favorite restaurant in all of Atlanta, and its drink menu, food menu, and overall atmosphere makes it a perfect place for date night. The tapas and tacos menu offers something for everyone, and like me, you'll want to go back time and time again. 

What to order: Brisket mac & cheese 

#6. Barbecue 

DBA Barbecue 

When my friends and family visit me in Atlanta, they always want one thing: good barbecue. So of course I had to find a great spot to take them, and DBA is that place. Its classic southern barbecue menu is large and delicious, and it is always a hit with my guests. 

What to order: Pulled pork sandwich

The next time you need to find somewhere to eat in Atlanta, try a spot off of this list. I know I'll miss eating at all of these places once I've graduated from Emory. You never know – you might find your new go-to restaurant!