About Us

Spoon University is an approachable food community that helps you build your confidence in becoming a real adult. For many of us, this is the first time we’re navigating our campuses or kitchens on our own, and Spoon University is here to simplify and celebrate that.

Behind the scenes, we’re helping teach the next generation of journalists, marketers and event planners the best practices in digital media. We empower a network of thousands of contributors at hundreds of college campuses all over the world to write, photograph, create videos and throw events.

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How Spoon Got Started

The story starts in an off-campus apartment in Illinois.

Back in 2012, Spoon co-founders Mackenzie and Sarah moved into their first real apartments during their third year at Northwestern University — only to realize they had no idea how to cook for themselves. There was a big food movement happening around them, and few media outlets were speaking to young people. Mackenzie and Sarah realized that college students looking to eat and live more intelligently had nowhere to turn.

So, they took matters into their own hands and created Spoon: a publication where students just like them could share their growing knowledge about how to eat smarter in college. They wanted to talk about everything, from finding the best late-night drunchies on campus, to learning how to cook pasta.

In a short time, Spoon grew from two people in an apartment to 100 people at Northwestern writing, photographing, marketing, and planning events for Spoon. Word spread, and students at other universities began to reach out and ask about bringing Spoon to their schools. Students across the country wanted to be part of a community like the one Mackenzie and Sarah had built and wanted to shape the conversation about food on their own campuses.

So Mackenzie and Sarah moved to New York, went through the Techstars accelerator program, raised money from investors, hired a team and continued to build Spoon into a national organization, one that could support hundreds of chapters and thousands of members. It was working! The food movement was bigger than ever, and much of it was fueled by college students’ enthusiasm for food.

Fast forward to now, where there are Spoon chapters at over 250 colleges all around the world, thousands of contributors and millions of fans. Thanks for being part of our story. We love you!

Contact us at support@spoonuniversity.com