Spoon University National Writer Program

The Spoon University National Writer Program is a selective, one-of-a-kind program wherein the top college journalists nationwide (that’s you!) work with the Spoon University editorial team to sharpen your pitching, writing, and editing skills while creating content for the number 1 food site for Gen Z. In this remote program, you’ll gain the knowledge, experience, and actual clips that’ll help you launch your media careers without having to leave your college campus.

From writing breaking news to service pieces to exclusive interviews, you’ll receive hands-on guidance and feedback to set you up for success. You also have the ability to sit in on staff meetings, attend virtual lunch and learns with industry professionals, and be the first to hear about job and internship openings. Our mission is to set the next generation of journalists (yep, again, that’s you!) up for success so you can leave your mark on the industry and the world.

How It Works


Writers are required to sign up for two four-hour shifts per month, where they work with their editor on pitching and writing timely news. Writers will also work on one to two weekly assignments per month, which are more in-depth pieces that may have a service or feature element. The pitch-to-live time for a weekly assignment is about one week. Writers are encouraged to add their own voice to articles and communicate their unique perspective. Reported news features, columns, and op-eds can also be discussed, workshopped, and pitched with your editor and are absolutely encouraged.

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments are based on your pitches, our editorial calendar, and any content we determine makes sense for bigger initiatives like holidays, packages, and issues. Please note these are called weekly assignments, but you will not be assigned one every week! You’ll be assigned a weekly assignment 1-2 times per month.

Program Benefits

In addition to day-to-day, hands-on feedback and published clips on a national media site, you’re will also be part of a robust ecosystem built to support your own professional development, which includes:

  • Opportunity to receive internship credit (pending individual school policy)
  • Ability to join weekly edit meeting to meet, interact with, and learn from our full-time editorial team
  • Monthly workshops on editorial skills
  • Semesterly paid virtual lunch with guest speakers in media
  • Annual resume/cover letter review by Spoon editor
  • Coffee with an editor once per month (pop in, ask Qs, etc.)
  • Semesterly HCXO shop credit for top five writers of the semester, based on Spoon Points
  • Opportunity to be featured on the Spoon University social channels
  • Ability to get letters of recommendation from the full-time editorial team
  • First to hear about internship and job opportunities
*please note that this position is unpaid