All Emory students have the same struggle. Should we go to village or point? Both plazas have plenty of food options but we all want to know which one is really better. This article gives a comprehensive overview of both so we can finally find out which one is really better. 

The Best of Emory Village

sauce, sweet, pancake
Alyssa Van Arsdale

In Emory Village we find Rise-N-Dine, a cute brunch spot that serves up all your southern favorites. From their sweet potato pancakes to made-to-order omelets there is always something to order. However, beware of long wait times starting as early as 9 am (because it is that good). 

chicken, rice, broccoli
Amanda Godman

Another favorite of Emory students in Emory village is Doc Chey's Dragon Bowl. Order any form of noddle or rice and pair it with veggies, perfectly cooked chicken or seared tofu. Also, don't forget to try the four kinds of sauces they offer to see which one you like best. My personal favorite is the Chinese Sweet 'n Sour Sauce.

chicken, cheese, spinach, salad
Amanda Godman

Zoë's Kitchen is also conveniently located in Emory Village. This Mediterranean themed eatery has salads, soups, and hummus that is 1000x better than hummus at the DUC. If you order the hummus and salad plate you get the best of both worlds—any flavor hummus with loads of pita bread for dipping and a greek salad with Zoë's famous tahini dressing. 

sauce, crust, tomato, dough, basil, spinach, mozzarella, pizza
Brooke Koeppel

If you are feeling a little bit ~fancy~ try Double Zero. Yes, the prices are high, but if you are in the mood for a splurge this is the place for a nice upscale pizza. Also, if you eat there you absolutely have to try the spinach and artichoke dip—it is out of this world.

sweet, birthday cake, sprinkles, cake
Julia Kaplowitz

Lastly, located in Emory Village is Ali's Cookies, which bakes fresh cookies daily. If you have not been here, Ali's cookies has some of the best cookies I have ever tried. The cookies are moist and warm and definitely hit the spot. You're probably not considered a real Emory student until you've tried Ali's.

The Best of Emory Point

seafood, vegetable, salmon, canape, cheese, sandwich, fish, tomato, toast, bread
Ally Golden

The first restaurant that most people think of in Point is The General Muir aka Rise-N-Dine's arch nemesis. This brunch hotspot has some of the best bagels I have ever tasted in the ATL (no, really, they are actually good) and fresh fish to top them off. While they are famous for their lox and bagel combos, their sweet stuff is pretty good too and surprisingly their dinner is worth a try as well.

meat, cucumber, onion, seafood, salad, vegetable
Alexa Buchbinder

BoruBoru Sushi is another one of Emory Point's many hotspots. They serve ever so trendy sushi burritos, or if you're in the mood for something lighter, they serve poke bowls as well. Their dishes are fresh and they definitely hit the spot for sushi when you just want to walk, and not pay for an uber.

ice, cream, tea, milk, coffee
Skyla Janus

While Burgerfi is a chain restaurant, it is definitely a good one. It's not the healthiest option but the burgers are A-1. Also, don't forget to order a shake on the side!

Marlow's Tavern is a more upscale option located in point. Perfect for date night close to campus or for a family visit, this American restaurant has just the right amount of southern flair. The pretzel sticks and cheese fondue is bomb and the cornbread grits are actually so amazing. 

Lastly, in Emory Point we find Tin Lizzy's. Their queso is delicious with a side of chips and they have plenty of traditional and out-of-the-box tacos. Also, order some of their sangria, it definitely hits the spot. 

Honorable Mention: Emory Point also has a ton of non-food options. There are plenty of stores offering fashionable clothing such as American Threads and fab'rik located conveniently right there. 

Both village and point have plenty of options to eat, but they are different in many ways. Emory Village is a little bit closer and hits the spot when needed, but Emory Point has a wider array of both food and non-food options. Either way, you can't go wrong.