Typically, one starts the day off with something hearty like eggs and bacon or sweet and light like pancakes, waffles, crepes, and fruit. A little butter on some toast, a frothy green smoothie—all of these are great options, but what about a giant pizza for breakfast? Sweet Maple, a very "modernesque" and unique brunch spot in San Francisco, nearly made me melt when I first bit into their breakfast pizza. Aside from simply being a brunch restaurant, their restaurant ambiance is very aesthetically pleasing—just like their edible creations. Out of all of their amazing and tempting options, the pizzas are a must-have for sure!

Marsya Zuhairi

Sweet Maple’s “Happy Morning Pizzas” are delectable, to say the least. It's all in the name: "happy" is an understatement of how I felt when I bit into this beyond-ethereal masterpiece. There are four kinds of breakfast pizzas here: Swine, Wild, Blanco, and Italiano. I braved the Swine pizza, which was topped with delicious bacon, sausage, potatoes, arugula, and a sunny side-up egg. I questioned the menu's description of this pizza because it had so many toppings I would never myself pair together. Arugula with potatoes? Arugula with sausage? I wouldn't have really considered mixing anything green with meat.

I was pleasantly surprised that the ingredients and toppings blended well together, as I’m personally not a big fan of  anything green on pizzas. But after trying it for myself, I would gladly eat arugula on pizza again. Beyond that, the flavors of mild cheese and salty meat combined with a perfectly with the crunchy crust. The crust was not too thick and heavy, but rather light and fluffy. The price of this pizza was also very manageable, ranging from $20-23 depending on the type of pizza you choose to devour. Even though it might seem expensive, the pizza is large enough to be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (meal hack!). I was skeptical at first because of the large size, but as soon as I bit into it, I could not stop eating—bite after bite was as delicious, warm, and soft as the first. I took my leftovers to go! This is called "pizza-ing" for breakfast (yes, I'm coining this term myself but it is really important). "Pizza" in this situation is an action verb—I'm urging you to go and take action! 

I’ve been dreaming about pizza for breakfast ever since. I've scheduled a quick visit to Sweet Maple again this upcoming week to take a bite out of the Wild meatless pizza. The Wild pizza is one you cannot forget, topped with a mix of different types of mushrooms, leafy arugula, tomatoes, crunchy bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, a sunny side up egg, and ranch. I'm not the biggest fan of ranch but I gave it a try on this pizza. Who can resist trying something new? If you are a ranch on pizza lover, I urge you to take a big bite.

Marsya Zuhairi

I highly recommend taking the journey to San Francisco for Sweet Maple. It’s a marvelous endeavor to satisfy your morning appetite! Please “pizza” for breakfast—it’s the best thing you could ever do.