Steeped in history and tradition, the festival of Navratri consists of nine nights celebrating the nine forms of Durga and womanhood. One of the most popular legends talks of the killing of Mahishasura, a demon god granted the boon to never be killed by man. With the rise of India's very own #MeToo movement, the killing of Mahishasura by the powerful and beautiful Durga, a form of the goddess Shakti is now more than ever, extremely relevant. The tenth day of the ensuing battle between the two is marked by the celebration of Navratri!  Find out more about other legends related to Navratri here.

With the beginning of Navratri, tradition dictates that one can't eat non-vegetarian fare as well as a certain set of vegetables. But surely, the food exploration around Delhi shouldn't stop. Here's a list of mind-blowing places to enjoy during this Navratri season:

1. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill is one of the places that will serve you the best Punjabi food around. While their regular menu boasts of food items like Ambarsari Kulche and Bhatti Da Murgh, they have also curated a menu, especially for Navratri. The Navratra Thali comprises of delicacies like Kachhe Kele ki Tikki, Chironji ki dal, Til Moongfali ke aloo and so on. For the dessert lovers in the house, there's doodhi ka halwa and kesari rasmalai, which you don't want to miss.

Where- Punjab Grill,Saket

2. Bikanervala

When writing about places serving traditional food, this one can never be off the list. The usual menu is delectable which offers chaats and kachoris. During Navratri, the addition of falahar snacks and many namkeens make this place perfect for snacking during Navratri. 

3. Nathu's Sweets

This one needs no introduction for all the sugar fiends there! Nathu's Sweets has been serving stellar vegetarian fare for as long as we can remember. The New Friends Colony outlet is serving a delish Navratri thali at just INR 263 excluding taxes. They also have a variety of namkeens and other snacks. 

4. Sattvik

Sattvik, as the name suggests, is a fine dining restaurant serving wonderful traditional food. During Navratri, they serve, undoubtedly, the best thali in town. With dishes like Kuttu Aloo ki Puri, Samak Chawal ki Khichdi and Kheer, you've got to get here soon. 

5. The Drunken Botanist

This one's definitely the odd one out in the list. And no, we are not sending you to drink during Navratri. This place is serving quirky exciting dishes for Navratri and they are awesome. Palak Patta Chaat, Paneer roulade, Soya Keema spring roll and much more awaits to tantalize your taste buds!

So put on that garba finery and head out to sample some authentic traditional fare this Navratri season!

#SpoonNote - The pictures used in the above article are representative and the actual dish may vary from the pictures.