Trader Joe's sells a lot of delicious options at super affordable, college-budget-friendly prices. From their easy-to-make fresh ravioli and pasta options, all the way to their delicious freezer meals, it makes sense as to why we are super obsessed with the store. But sometimes, all of these great options lining store shelves can be overwhelming and you might catch yourself spending way too long wandering the aisles just trying to decide what to buy. To help you better navigate Trader Joe's desserts, here is a list of some of the best TJ's sweets, treats, and chocolate eats

#SpoonTip: Make sure to visit Trader Joe's for incredible seasonal desserts during Halloween time and throughout all of December. You're sure to find incredible pumpkin desserts and candy cane treats during these times. 

1. Mini Ice Cream Cones

Photo via Trader Joe's

These little cones are the perfect size for an after-dinner treat. With multiple flavors including chocolate chip, chocolate, coffee bean, and seasonal pumpkin and peppermint, they are ideal for keeping in your freezer year-round to satisfy any craving. Plus, they have the perfect chocolate chunk at the tip of the cone!

2. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Photo via Trader Joe's 

Consider these shopper-favorite dark chocolate peanut butter cups to be Reese's cool, more mature sibling. These little Trader Joe's desserts are great as is, or delicious when chopped up and sprinkled on top of ice cream or baked into brownies. 

3. Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joe's Sandwich Cookies

Whether you're a fan of Joe-Joe's creative flavors or you're a die-hard Oreo lover, you will love these leveled-up sandwich cookies. Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies are so much better when drenched in decadent peanut butter and drizzled with chocolate. If you're a chocolate-covered cookie fan, you can also look out for the ube-coated and dark chocolate and coffee-covered Joe-Joe's. 

4. Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches 

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Shea McCollum

Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect dessert for indecisive people who can't choose between cookies and ice cream. Trader Joe's one-ups the typical Nestle sandwiches with its creamy vanilla bean ice cream and the extra layer of crunchy chocolate chips. 

5. Lemon Bars

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Shea McCollum

For all of the fruit lovers out there, these lemon bars are a delicious dessert that is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. There's no better treat on a sunny summer afternoon.

6. Blondie Bars 

Photo via Trader Joe's

Although this dessert does require you to assemble and bake it in your own oven, we promise the extra effort is totally worth it. This Blondie Bar baking mix will leave you with extra soft and moist chocolate chip cookie squares. Serve it alongside some ice cream if you want to eat the best sundae ever. 

7. Chocolate Lava Cake

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Shea McCollum

These Trader Joe's chocolate lava cakes let you enjoy your favorite restaurant dessert from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is stick your lava cake in the oven for a few minutes, top it with ice cream, and enjoy the molten chocolate goodness. These are divine when served up with some fresh berries, too!

8. Mousse Cakes

Looking for a fancy treat? Head over to the bakery section of your local Trader Joe's to find their latest mousse cake offering. From their spring-themed chocolate mousse flowers, all the way to their Valentine's Day-themed raspberry mousse cakes, whatever little treat they have in season is sure to please. 

9. Bamba Dipped in Dark Chocolate 

Photo via Trader Joe's

Bamba snacks have been a staple at Trader Joe's for years. Now, they're much more than a snack! These dark chocolate-dipped peanut snacks are a light alternative to other desserts if you don't want a heavy cake or ice cream, but still want to satiate a chocolate craving. Also, you will love the hazelnut creme-filled bamba snacks, too. 

10. Brownie Crisp Ice Cream Sandwich

These brownie coffee ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat for all of the serious chocolate lovers out there. The brownie crisps add a nice crunch to the ice cream sandwich and they taste decadent without being too rich. 

11. Gone Bananas!

Photo via Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's aficionados and bloggers swear by this product being a 10/10 sweet treat. If you're not a big banana fan, you definitely have to try the frozen chocolate-covered strawberries

12. Macarons 

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Shea McCollum

Whether you've never had a macaron before or you are just interested in trying some new flavors, Trader Joe's macarons are a great choice. You can enjoy these sweet treats chilled, at room temperature, or warmed for a few seconds in the microwave. Watch out for macaron variations such as vanilla and chocolate options, heart-shaped offerings, and more. 

13. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Cookie Butter Ice Cream is one of the most famous Trader Joe's desserts and combines its creamy vanilla ice cream base with generous swirls of cookie butter. 

#SpoonTip: If you want to take your dessert to the next level, try serving your ice cream in a nearly empty jar of cookie butter. True cookie butter bliss!

14. Scandinavian Swimmers

If you always opt for fruity candy instead of chocolate sweets, you'll need to keep these Scandinavian Swimmers in your dessert arsenal. These sour and sweet gummy candies are perfect for a quick pick-me-up at any time of the day. Plus, they transport well and will definitely not melt as quickly as other dessert options. IMHO, these are tastier than other mainstream sweet and sour gummy candies on the market. 

15. Mochi Ice Cream 

Much like Trader Joe's mini ice cream cones, these mochi ice cream balls are the perfect size for an after-dinner sweet treat. I mean, we all deserve a little treat, right? These come in light flavors such as ube, strawberry, and vanilla, and of course, there are seasonal flavors that may come and go. 

And while you're out picking up your dessert, don't forget to pick up some Trader Joe's staples for the college chef.