Life Alive is an organic, plant-based cafe located on BU’s campus and throughout the Boston area. From breakfast to brunch, Life Alive has an extensive menu filled with healthy, delectable options. Though delicious, Life Alive’s menu can make ordering overwhelming. I’m here to make your next visit much easier–these are some of my favorite menu items at Life Alive that are worth trying.

Breakfast Hash

Charley Schwartz

If you are looking for a quick breakfast to grab before class, Life Alive’s breakfast hash will definitely fuel you. The creamy feta and runny egg are by far the highlights of this dish. This bowl is full of nutritious ingredients that will leave you feeling ready to take on the day!

Autumn Falafel Bowl

Charley Schwartz

It was hard to decide my favorite bowl because you truly can’t go wrong with any of them. Ultimately, I went with the Autumn Falafel because it's the perfect lunch that will get you through the day. The combination of the crispy baked falafel and deliciously seasoned veggies, like butternut squash and brussel sprouts, makes the dish. Grab this bowl while you can; it’s not on the menu year-round like the others!

Tuscan Kale Salad

My new go-to salad is the Tuscan Kale, a seasonal Fall salad and one of my favorite additions to the Fall menu. The salad is full of amazing ingredients, and the basil green goddess dressing is so mouthwatering you will have to resist yourself from drinking it alone. To make the salad more filling, I usually add falafel as a protein. 

Teriyaki Shiitake Wrap

Wraps are a relatively new addition to the Life Alive menu, and they do not disappoint! The Teriyaki Shiitake wrap is perfect for all mushroom lovers alike, with flavorsome teriyaki glazed tofu that is crave-worthy and nutritious. For those who don’t love tofu, this dish will likely change your mind and convert you into a tofu lover. There is something so satisfying about this wrap; it's especially a great option if you are not in the mood for a veggie-heavy salad/bowl.

Peanut Butter Cup Acai Bowl

The peanut butter cup acai bowl is by far my favorite. The bowl’s flavors mirror a more nutrient-dense version of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. This bowl has the perfect balance of sweet and salty and is almost reminiscent of frozen yogurt. I recommend grabbing this bowl before it gets too cold in Boston!

Avocado Toast

Charley Schwartz

The avocado toast at Life Alive is a staple for me–it's quick, fresh, and a great snack to grab between classes. If you want to make it more filling, the avocado toast pairs perfectly with a side of eggs. 

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

It’s no secret that Hailey Bieber’s Erewhon smoothie went viral over social media, and I can confidently say that the strawberries and cream smoothie at Life Alive is probably the closest substitute you will find in Boston. The star of the show is the creamy coconut gelato, which they source from FoMu–a local plant-based ice cream shop in Boston. The homemade strawberry syrup is the perfect finishing touch, making the smoothie taste like a strawberry milkshake. This smoothie is a perfect sweet treat on its own and can also complement any other menu items. 

Iced Ocean Blue Latte

If you want an afternoon pick me up and aesthetically pleasing drink to post to your Instagram story, the Iced Ocean Blue latte is for you. The latte's bright blue color is almost too pretty to drink, but when you take your first sip, you definitely won’t regret it. The subtle hints of maple syrup and vanilla is always a pleasant surprise. This latte is my go-to afternoon pick-me-up (pro tip: always get this one iced). As a plus, when you have this magical blue drink in hand, it can act as an accessory and spice up any boring outfit!

Watermelon Sparkler

The handcrafted watermelon sparkler was a staple in my summer Life Alive rotation (and still is despite colder weather). The sparkler has the right amount of sweetness while still managing to make you feel refreshed and energized. This drink  pairs well with any Life Alive salads/bowls, especially the Tuscan Kale. 

Ginger Draft Kombucha

For the kombucha lovers out there, Life Alive’s ginger draft kombucha is the perfect refreshment. I love ginger, especially when I need an immune boost in the colder months. The ginger draft offers a refreshing yet spicy boost of flavor. Though all of Live Alive’s kombucha flavors are consistently satisfactory, the ginger draft has slowly crept up to number one.

Life Alive consistently delivers flavorsome foods. From staples to fall flavors, it is a great spot to meet some friends for lunch or grab a quick bite for yourself. Every dish is carefully crafted with nutritious, flavorful ingredients. For those of you who are contemplating what to order at Life Alive, I hope this gives you inspo for your next visit!

Charley Schwartz

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