Being a University student in London is damn hard. "You live in one of the best cities in the world, how can it be hard?"  Well, you see...I suffer from the very real and very horrible disease FOMOIL, otherwise known as "fear of missing out in London." There is always something going on which means every moment that I'm not doing something I'm probably sitting in my room crippled by the fear that somewhere someone is strolling through a museum or enjoying a new pop-up shop. But, with so much to do and so many options to choose from, how on EARTH is a girl supposed to make up her damn mind? When I'm sitting in my tiny flat in a Netflix black-hole trying to decide what to do, one option always outweighs the others: food.

Okay, so obviously if an outing involves food, I'm all in. But again I'm faced with the problem of never-ending yelp reviews which usually makes me so aggravated that I end up not going anywhere at all. So, if you're like me and suffer from FOMOIL, love food, but hate trying to find new places to eat, YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! (enter: Southbank Centre Food Market). 

The market has something for everyone, but below are my top 5 favorite stands at the Southbank Centre Food Market:

1. Fried Shrimp Sandwich at Shrimpy

Casey Austin

I know you're thinking it; we're all thinking it: what in the hell are those little green-stick-plankton-looking things? It's actually samphire grass, a salty-plant that grows near salt-water. True story: when I got this sandwich I asked for it "without the green stuff," but the man made me try a piece and I loved it. The saltiness is PERFECT combination with the fried shrimp. 

2. Any Pizza from Dough Bro

Just look at this. Just look at it. It checks all the boxes on my imaginary "what pizza should be" checklist: bubbly, cheesy, gooey, crispy. The crust is just the right amount. The bubbles are just the perfect amount of bubbliness. The cheese is in perfect little pools. I am in love with a pizza. 

3. Duck Confit Burger from The Frenchie

If you told someone you were having "French" for lunch, they would instantly think you were going to some 5-star, over-priced brasserie in Marlyebone. But for under £10 you can get a duck confit burger with grilled blue cheese, arugula (rocket if you're a Brit), and truffle honey chutney on a soft, grilled roll. Can you say la perfection? Oh, and it comes with a giant side of fries cooked in (get this) fat. If that wasn't enough to send your foodie senses tingling through the roof, they're covered in a big glob of truffle mayo. Brb, sleeping until it's Friday and this is in my mouth.

4. Loaded Fries from Hank's New Orlean's Street Food 

Any food that is usually eaten with fingers but is turned into a food that needs to be eaten with a fork is my kind of food. These "loaded fries" are so loaded that eating them is a literal sport. Covered in cajun spices, pulled pork, cheese, and mayo, these fries are basically the best thing you can eat (for your soul, not your stomach). 

5. Fried Chicken from Spit & Roast 

pork, chicken, tacos
Casey Austin

This isn't the most appetizing looking wrap, but it was the best wrap I've ever had. The buttermilk fried chicken is always there, but each day brings a different special of how it is prepared. This one was a wrap with lettuce and a mango salsa. 

The Southbank Centre Food Market has TONS more to offer, like pad thai, fresh pasta, Korean burritos (korritos), lots of Indian food, and much more. It all looks amazing, but a girl can only sample so much. Next time you are free and looking for something to conquer your FOMOIL on the weekend, hit up the Southbank Centre Food Market. Wear your stretchy pants. 


Friday: Noon-8pm

Saturday: 11am-8pm

Sunday: noon-6pm

Monday (Bank holidays only): noon-6pm

SUMMER HOURS (July-August):

Friday: noon-9pm

Saturday: 11am-9pm

Sunday: noon-6pm

Monday (Bank holidays only): noon-6pm