As a Chick-fil-A lover, nothing is better than their crispy chicken sandwich and some salted waffle fries. But for some reason, I always find myself craving Chick-fil-A on a Sunday. It never fails.

If you’re like me, I feel your pain. But I may have a solution for you.

Located in the heart of downtown Gainesville, you’ll find Loosey’s. This chill, atmospheric restaurant and bar serves a mean chicken sandwich that you can get any day of the week. 

Recently, some fellow Spoonies and I attested to that.

With our hearts set on a good chicken sandwich, we took our hungry selves to Loosey’s. We all decided to order a different variation of the Chick-fil-loosey. The $13 sandwich features juicy buttermilk fried chicken and dill pickles squished between two pieces of butter-toasted challah. Customers have the option to make their chicken Nashville Hot or Buffalo Hot for an extra $1.50. Lastly, you can pair your sandwich with french fries, a cucumber salad or a side of coleslaw.

Gabriela Rodriguez

Now, you may be thinking that $13 is overpriced for a chicken sandwich but this was worth every cent.

As a plain chicken sandwich type of girl, this meal did the job. The sandwich was hot and fresh. The fried chicken was crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. I applaud the chef for the chicken’s juiciness. The dill pickles complimented the dish perfectly, adding a bit of freshness and tanginess to the savory bites. I actually preferred these pickles over the Chick-fil-A ones. Sorry Chick-fil-A fans.

But one of the best parts of the sandwich was the sweet challah bread. It was light, fluffy, buttery and everything in between.

And according to my friends, the Nashville Hot and Buffalo Hot chicken sandwiches didn’t disappoint. They have a kick to them, so spicy food lovers can rejoice with this sandwich.

Victoria Manrique

If you like your chicken sandwich simple and flavorful, then this is the place for you. But if you like more freshness in your chicken sandwich, I recommend that you request a piece of lettuce or tomato slice to get those fresh bites. 

The restaurant’s french fries are also delicious. Their fries are just right — nice and crispy. And if you're looking for something healthy or just fresh in general, the cucumber salad comes with tomatoes and onions that pair perfectly with your meal.

Chick-fil-A sandwiches are amazing, but this local Gainesville restaurant has the potential to give the fast-food restaurant a run for its money. Yes, the sandwich may look fancier and is more expensive, but it was great.

Emma Stuart

Great Chicken Sandwich Vibes at Loosey's 

Loosey’s is a welcoming place with friendly service and calm energy. Its outside seating is perfect for a casual date or a hangout with your besties as the sun sets and enjoy a good chicken sandwich.

This chicken sandwich was so good that I will definitely come back for more. I highly recommend this place, and that's coming from a Chick-fil-A die-hard. Your Chick-fil-a cravings can be replaced with the Chick-fil-loosey and you may even have a new obsession.