One thing about me is that I love Mexican cuisine–especially tacos. There is nothing better than a fresh, warm taco with a side of chips and salsa. I’ve eaten at a decent amount of Mexican restaurants around Atlanta, but Taqueria del Sol remains a favorite each time I go. If you haven’t been already, Taqueria del Sol is a must. There are locations all around Georgia and Tennessee, and this is a spot you don’t want to miss!


No matter the day of the week, you are likely to find a line out the door at any of Taqueria del Sol’s locations. But don’t let this scare you away–let it be a sign of just how good this restaurant is! Grab a margarita at the bar and hop in line while you study the menu, and you’ll be ordering in no time. After you order, head to a table inside or on their covered patio, where your food will be brought to you in minutes! The inside of the restaurant is clean and spacious, with bright-colored details, making for a pleasant dining experience.


Salsa Trio

Start off your meal with freshly made corn tortilla chips dipped in three salsa options. The salsas range from mild to spicy, so you and your table don't have to decide on just one kind! However, this recommendation comes with a warning--make sure to save room for the rest of your food, because it is so easy to get carried away by the chips!

Shrimp Corn Chowder

Next on my list of appetizer recommendations is the shrimp corn chowder. This dish contains the perfect hint of spice, combined with a touch of sweetness from the corn. My sister and I love treating the chowder like a dip, eating it with tortilla chips!

Tacos & Entrees

Memphis Taco

The Memphis taco is my go-to menu item at Taqueria del Sol and has been a favorite from the start. A BBQ-inspired taco? Say less. The warm flour tortilla is filled with chopped smoked pork, a delicious coleslaw, and covered in a flavorful BBQ sauce.

Fish Taco

This deep-fried tilapia taco is amazing. You truly can't go wrong with anything fried...the fish crunches in your mouth, and the tartar sauce drizzled on top makes every bite memorable.


My last recommendation is not a taco, but arguably one of the best things on the menu: make-your-own enchiladas. Pick any filling–from plain cheese to a meat of your choice–then pick a sauce, and you have a perfect, personal enchilada. Be sure to check out the menu's specials (which change weekly) for more delicious enchilada options!

I hope reading this review made you as hungry as I was writing it and that you add Taqueria del Sol to the top of your restaurant list! You cannot go wrong with anything on their amazing menu, but use these recommendations as a guide on what to order. Enjoy!