The semester so far has been wholesome. We're not even in spring yet, and the trees are already starting to bloom – unusually beautiful. A great part of that wholesomeness has been going to great places with people I love. Here are some of my favorites that you should go visit, too.  

I have a price scale from one to five dollar signs, one being under $10, two being around $20, and so on. If a restaurant has five price signs, you can expect $50-and-over entrées.

I'll also tell you whether you can use Open Table to make reservations for all of them. Read until the end – there are some on-campus and budget-friendly date ideas for all types of dates! 

Murphy's ($$$, Open Table)

Murphy's is a homey restaurant in Virginia Highlands with nice, dimmed-down lights as you walk through the wine bar, a spectacular dessert menu, and traditional American cuisine. I had the beet salad with goat cheese and absolutely loved it. The people at my table loved the steak as well. 

Saints and Council ($$/$$$, Open Table)

What's better than a morning at the High Museum followed by brunch at Colony Square? Saints and Council has live music, a warm, rustic ambiance, high ceilings, unique lamps, and a modern bar in the center, which makes it perfect for mimosas and relaxed conversation. 

Have you tried Dutch babies? They're a hybrid between a crepe and a souffle, making them great to share along with something savory. 

Rumi's Kitchen ($$$$, Open Table)

Rumi's is Persian hospitality at its finest. It's a beautiful space, making you feel transported to another hemisphere. My suggestion is you dress a little smart to fit the atmosphere.

Their smoked salmon hummus is delicious. I tried the lamb kebab, which comes with basmati rice full of flavor and a roasted tomato. Their flatbread platter with shallots, cucumbers, herbs, and sumac is also delicious and super fresh. 

Le Bon Nosh ($$$, Open Table)

You might know this one because of their breakfast foods and aesthetic croissants, but Le Bon Nosh has recently started to use seasonal ingredients for a small, special dinner menu. You can enjoy fresh salads, fish, or steak with parmesan fries and profiteroles for dessert.

Emory Farmers Market ($/$$)

Every Tuesday from 11 am to 2 pm, we Emory students get to enjoy the special treat that is the Emory Farmers Market. Weather permitting, you can sit on the Emory Student Center steps or on the grass behind the WoodPec with your choice of Cuban, Morrocan, Syrian, Mexican, and Jamaican dishes. Lately, I've been enjoying crepes and sourdough sandwiches.

Zöe's Kitchen ($$)

Casual lunch date? You can find good Mediterranean food with a little bit of a fast-food twist at Zoë's Kitchen in Emory Village, right in front of the bookstore. It offers a different flavor palette from what you have every day on campus and is a great place to meet up with friends after class. 

Picnic at Lullwater ($/$$)

This is something I look forward to doing in the spring. It's been rainy lately, but when the weather gets better, go to Kroger and buy some fresh berries, French bread and cheese, and your favorite drinks. Grab a picnic mat, and enjoy the moment. 

Kaldi's ($$)

Kaldi's at The Depot recently added the ultimate comfort food to its menu: tomato basil soup with a croissant pretzel grilled cheese sandwich. I've tried it and can confirm that it's amazing. Kaldi's has a cool studying environment, and sitting on their terrace outside is also a great idea when you want less noise.