Pizza is no question one of the best foods ever invented. Seriously think about it; where would we be if we didn't have pizza? No where. Well, apparently not everyone feels that way. Unfortunately, there are some straight up sick people in the world who would actually commit a crime because of pizza. Unbelievable. 

1. The guy who would do anything for garlic knots

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Alexis Clark

In 2012, Robert Wheeler allegedly punched the pizza delivery guy because “he forgot the garlic knots." I mean, I'd be pretty mad if I didn't get my garlic knots, too. 

2. The Domino's driver who wanted to fulfill his promise

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Back in 1990, Domino’s would give you a discount if your pizza wasn’t delivered within 30 minutes. As a teenage Domino’s driver was rushing to deliver a pizza, he smashed right into the van of a woman which ended up killing her.

3. The burglars who just really wanted pizza

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Amy Yi

In January 2014, an 86-year-old man was beaten and stabbed to death by robbers. They stole his wedding ring, sold it and bought pizza with the money. 

4. The kid who was just so close to getting revenge

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Meredith Marcus

An 18-year-old pizza worker rubbed his testicles on a customer’s pizza. He was mad that someone ordered a family-sized pizza with Canadian bacon and extra cheese shortly before closing time. The pizza man may have gotten away with it had the customer not walked into the pizza store as it was happening. 

5. The crime scene in a jail

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Libby Perold

In August 2014, a jail guard was accused of spraying mace on inmates’ pizza before giving it to them. Everyone who ate it got sick. Yuck. 

As much as everyone loves pizza, is it really worth it to get arrested? Debatable. No matter how much you have ever been craving pizza, you definitely weren't as bad as these people.