Most people use the New Year as a fresh start and an opportunity to pick up some healthier habits. Whether your New Year's resolution includes going vegan for health reasons, for the environment, or to eat more fruits and vegetables, these vegan ebooks will help you become a healthier you going into the new year with recipes, food hacks, and self-love tips. 

1. Carbolicious

Bonny Rebecca may as well be the vegan princess of YouTube. She shows her fun and bubbly side through her vlogs and Instagram posts, and knows how to answer all the questions we have about going vegan and following a vegan lifestyle. Following a high-carb, low-fat diet, Bonny promises to deliver easy and delicious low-fat vegan meals to keep you healthy and energized. 

2. Lean and Clean: The Ultimate Plant-Based Weight Loss Guide

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If you're turning to a vegan diet or lifestyle in hopes of losing weight, then High Carb Hannah might be the inspiration/motivation you need. Having lost 70 lbs after switching to a plant-based vegan diet, she's transformed her life and her body through eating wholesome plant foods. In her ebook, she shares her vegan journey and weight loss tips to get you looking lean and losing weight the healthy way. 

3. Epic Raw Food

Ellen Fisher, also known as Mango Island Mamma on YouTube and Instagram, is mother of two adorable vegan boys and lives in Hawaii with her kids and husband (#goals). Ellen and her family find that eating mostly raw foods in their natural, most nutrient-dense forms makes them feel the best. Because of this, Ellen and her family eat mostly fresh produce, and an abundance of fruits and veggies. Her ebook shows you how to incorporate more fresh, raw foods into a vegan diet.

4. Cheap Lazy Vegan: The Recipe Ebook

The Cheap Lazy Vegan on Instagram and YouTube is the master of sharing vegan lifestyle tips and food hacks, and her ebook is yet another extension of her knowledge. If you're concerned about going vegan because of the costs or convenience, this ebook proves that you can be vegan while being cheap and lazy (win win!). 

5. Love Yourself Ebook

Alyse, or Raw Alignment on YouTube, lives in Hawaii and follows a raw vegan diet. Now a self-love guru, Alyse shares how she went from being in a place of depression and disordered eating to one of positivity, health, and self-love. This ebook shares tips about how to respect your body and self care to help you become the best version of yourself you can be through veganism, meditation, and other self care practices. 

6. Plantiful Soul

Claire Michelle, known as Plantiful Soul, shares her journey through her ebook and how her life, mindset, and perspective has changed after finding veganism. Having met Claire at a meet-up in LA this summer, I can attest to her amazing story and self-discovery. Claire also writes beautiful poems along with her vegan recipes and that are definitely worth a read. 

Educating yourself is one of the most important parts of going vegan. Learning how to get in all your nutrients and vitamins is key to living a healthy vegan lifestyle, and these ebooks can help no matter how far along your vegan journey you are. Even if you've been vegan for a while now, these ebooks provide awesome recipes that you can try out for yourself or your friends and family. And if you're new to veganism, they're here to help kickstart your new year by teaching healthy habits and mindsets.