Life can be so hard sometimes. A giant pimple pops up the day before formal, your lips are chapped and cracking the morning of your big date, or you can’t seem to get rid of the yellow stains on your teeth. No one likes having low self-confidence, so why not fix that? Even better, why not fix it by eating your favorite foods?

All those skin issues, funky odors, and other slightly strange body problems we all experience can be fixed with a little help of some certain fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Read on to learn about seven foods that will boost your appearance, and in turn, your self-confidence.

1. Strawberries—White Teeth


Photo by Liana Lis

Strawberries contain a natural teeth whitener called malic acid, which helps break down the bacteria that builds up on teeth and causes discoloration. It also helps strengthen the enamel. Stick this yummy fruit in a smoothie, top on toast, or eat fresh. You can even make a homemade whitening kit by combining strawberries and baking soda.

2. Cucumbers—Clear Skin


Photo by Haliana Burhans

You are not alone if you have seen the classic movie scene of someone at the spa with cucumbers over their eyes, but have never known why they do that.

Cucumbers work as anti-inflammatory agents because they contain many antioxidants. They also help with hydration due to their high water content. All of these benefits lead to clean, refreshed-looking skin. Cucumbers are also seen in many detoxes because they help to cleanse the body.

3. Kale —Anti-Aging


Photo by Katherine Baker

In the wise words of Jay-Z, “I want to be forever young.” You can be pretty close to that by eating this trendy, leafy green. Kale is full of vitamin K, vitamin A, and calcium. These nutrients help prevent blood clots, build strong bones, and improve immunity. All in all, it’s going to keep you feeling and looking young and vibrant. Plus, it tastes hella good on pizza and in pesto.

4. Bananas—Reduce Bloating


Photo by Delissa Handoko

This is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. It is crazy how helpful bananas are with reducing bloating. Bananas are rich in potassium, so they control high sodium intake and reduce the extended belly effect. Bananas also contain high amounts of soluble fiber, which helps you poop more (gross, but important).

Use these 2-ingredient banana pancakes to incorporate more bananas into your life seamlessly.

5. Nuts—Strong Nails


Photo by David Whinery

After countless times at the nail salon, sometimes your nails just look dead, thin, and not something you want to shake hands with. Nuts, like walnuts and pecans, are full of fatty acids that help strengthen brittle nails and add smoothness to the nail. In addition to fatty acids, the proteins and zinc found in some nuts, like peanuts and almonds, help to strengthen as well.

Nuts are an easy thing to add to your diet, just put some in a bag and go. You can also stock up on nut butters, just be careful of their nutritional content.

6. Salmon—Healthy Hair


Photo By Gregoire Durand

Salmon has to be the superhero of superfoods, because it can really do anything. Salmon can help to stengthen your hair with its high amounts of protein and omega-3s, as well as encourage hair growth. Foods that contain good fats, like the ones found in fish, also make your hair shinier. Your confidence will grow in no time.

If you ever get bored of the same plain salmon recipe, try doing something fun with it, such as tossing it on pesto spaghetti.

7. Raw Vegetables—Good Breath


Photo By Amanda Gujdiensk

There is no better sensation than biting into a cold, crunchy, and fresh vegetable. Raw vegetables that are high in vitamin C, like colorful bell peppers and broccoli, help to break down the bacteria that grows in our mouth and prevent bad breath.

Additionally, when eaten raw they almost act like a brush and break off any stray pieces of food. They’re commonly found in Asian foods, so you can continue ordering out no problem. However, if you are trying to build your cooking skills, you can make something, such as this fried rice, at home.

While eating healthily can help boost your self-confidence, there are other ways to help make you feel as lovely as you really are. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, socialize with people that only lift you higher, and love yourself for who you are.