As a college student, I have learned that a microwave is good for more than just re-heating leftovers. Sometimes real cooking is too much of a hassle, which is why microwave cooking hacks are a must. 

How does a microwave work? According to the Institute of Food Technologists, microwaves convert electric power into short waves that "cause water, fat, and sugar molecules to vibrate approximately 2.5 million times per second, which result in high temperatures that cook food." Thanks to short waves, we can get to our meal within minutes. 

So find your microwave-safe bowls and plates and try out these microwave hacks.

1. Cook Scrambled Eggs

For this two-minute recipe, all you need are: eggs, milk and cheese. Now there's no excuse for not having breakfast

2. Crisp up bacon strips

First, place a bowl upside down on a plate. Then, drape the bacon over the bowl and put a paper towel over the bacon. Microwave for a minute per strip and voilà. You have your crispy bacon. 

3. Make caramel sauce

This three-ingredient recipe take three minutes. Go find you butter, brown sugar and heavy cream, and you're all set. 

4. Make brownie in a mug

Craving a quick dessert? Try this no-egg brownie in a mug. You'll need all the usual brownie ingredients. Mix them together, then microwave. The whole process should be less than five minutes. 

5. Make potato chips

These no-fry microwaved potato chips are so good. Arrange thinly sliced potatoes in a single layer on a microwavable plate. Microwave for three minutes at a time, flipping the potatoes with each round until they are crinkled and crispy.

6. Steam broccoli

Place your bite-size broccoli florets in a microwave-safe bowl and add a little water (for one head of broccoli, add 2-3 tablespoons of water). Cover the bowl tightly with a plate, and microwave for 3-4 minutes. Remember to remove the plate carefully as it will be very hot!

7. Peel peaches and tomatoes

Microwave for 30 seconds, then let it sit for two minutes. The peel will come off easily. 

Go try these microwave hacks

Good news - the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website confirms that microwave cooking does not reduce the nutritional value of foods any more than conventional cooking. So microwave away!