Otherwise known as National Pumpkin Spice month, October is full of other food holidays worthy of some recognition. Celebrating all of these yummy foods will not be a hard task to accomplish. Here are the 8 National Food Holidays to celebrate in the month of October:    

October 1 - National Homemade Cookie Day

Caroline LeGates

Set the oven to 350 degrees, because it is time to get to baking. Nothing beats a warm, melted, homemade cookie with a large glass of milk on the side. Grab a plate, put on some pj's and devour the deliciousness.  

If you cannot bake, or simply do not have time, I suggest ordering a 6 pack of cookies from Insomnia Cookies on The Square. 

October 4 - National Taco Day 

Priscilla Flowers

With so many amazing Mexican restaurants in Oxford, this National Food Holiday will not be hard to celebrate. Whether you choose Salsarita's Fresh Cantina, South Depot Taco Shop, El Agave and many more, your taco taste buds will be satisfied. Be sure to throw in a chips & queso to top it off! 

October 4 - National Vodka Day 

Caroline LeGates

Cheers! October 4th is a two-in-one National Food Holiday to celebrate. Snag a vodka water or specialty cocktail and enjoy the day! Any bar on The Square will suffice, but my recommendations for the day would be Frank & Marlee's or The Summit Lodge Bar

October 7 - National Frappe Day

Caroline LeGates

Get ready to fight the Starbucks lines in the J.D. Williams Library because this day is going to be packed... but coffee is always worth it. Stick to what you know or change up your Starbucks order for the holiday by ordering a Frappe off of the secret menu. Either way, you cannot go wrong. 

October 11 - National Sausage Pizza Day 

fresh pizza, homemade pizza, pizza from scratch, olives, sausage, pizza, pepperoni, mozzarella
Sam Jesner

This first thing that comes to mind: Funky's Pizza. With arguably the best pizza in Oxford, I will definitely be ordering a pizza from them to properly celebrate. 

If Funky's isn't your preferred slice, try Dodo's Pizza, 6 N Tubbs or the new Lost Pizza Company. 

October 17 - National Pasta Day

Priscilla Flowers

For all you Italian food lovers, today is your day. Load up with tons of carbs & add a glass of wine. The Wine Bar, Old Venice Pizza Co., or Lenora's are all great restaurants to dine at for this National Food Holiday. 

October 18 - National Chocolate Cupcake Day 

Laura Bailey

Here is a sweet treat you love to eat! Celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day by baking your own at home or swinging by your favorite local bakery. You can never go wrong celebrating with chocolate. 

October 26 - National Pumpkin Day 

coffee, cream, milk, chocolate, cappuccino, ice, espresso, mocha, sweet
Dara Ades

Of course, you cannot go the whole month without something pumpkin. The month of October is the holy grail for all things pumpkin spice. Whether you choose a pumpkin spice pastry or pumpkin spice latte, it is a must. Especially with Halloween only a few days away!