Brace yourselves for this: I don't like coffee. *gasps from everyone* For someone like me who can't bear the taste of anything with any type of caffeine, the holiday season is tough. So how do I get my sugary fix when everyone around me has their hands wrapped around a hot cup of satan? Cold things. All you fellow coffee haters, never fear! We can eat cold treats in December. Who cares if it's -4º...we are strong, independent coffee haters who don't need no warmth. 


Do you have a vegan friend? Lactose-intolerant friend? A gluten-free or nut-free friend? Are YOU that friend? Yorica is free-from ALL of those. It's literally called a "free-from" ice cream and fro-yo shop, which basically mean's everything they sell is completely free of any allergen or dietary restriction. Even if you are a dairy, nut loving freak like me, this place is still one of my faves in London. 


meringue, chocolate, cake
Chiara Maras

LOOK AT THIS ICE CREAM. LOOK AT IT. It's like a giant fluffy cloud of sweet and sugary goodness. This heavenly store serves up premium soft-serve ice cream on crispy-cones with giant cotton candy on the top, all underneath an explosion of every type of topping you could want. This is one train you won't mind waiting for.


Are you sensing a theme here? I like my food to be instagramable as well as out-of-this-world amazing. Gelupo definitely checks both of those boxes. Oh, and did I mention it's Michelin-starred Gelato? 

Greedy Goat Ice Cream

If it's Borough Market location doesn't already tell you that it's worth a visit, then it's unique flavors do (did someone say chili ice cream?) Created with British goat milk, this ice cream tastes like normal ice cream but with a twist you can't quite put your tongue on. That's the goat milk. Goat milk is also lactose-free and healthier than normal milk, so you can feel good when eating it.

Tinsletown Milkshake

Okay, so...I've never been to Tinsletown, but Harry Styles has so it must be amazing. According to him, aka God, the vanilla milkshake with malt is amazing. So it must be. Because Harry is never wrong. Trust me on this.  

Cereal Killer Cafe

If you haven't heard of Cereal Killer by now you probably live under a rock. If you don't know, they sell over 100 different types of cereals from all over the world with millions of milks and toppings. The cereal is amaze, but the hot chocolate is out of this world. But I thought you didn't like hot drinks? You caught me there. But don't be fooled: they serve these amazing creations ICED. Life = made. 

Next time you're hanging out with all your coffee loving friends, suggest one of these hip-happening places. Bets are they'll love a nice cold treat, but most of these places serve coffee *shiver*, too. Weak.