Whether you're a London local or just a 'lil ole tourist, one of the top food markets in London is Borough Market, conveniently located at London Bridge Station and a short walk away from Tower Bridge. With the rising popularity of markets, particularly ready-made street food, vendors are searching for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way they're doing that? Taking classic foods and giving it their own modern spin (as a bonus, they look great on the 'gram).


Photo courtesy of Pauline Horoshkova

Everyone knows the British staple that is a cheese toastie, or its cousin the American grilled cheese, but a slice of cheese on white bread gets boring after a while. Kappacasein takes the simple classic to a new level with three cheeses and the all-so-important red onions, leeks, and garlic.

Huge handfuls of Montgomery cheese sprinkled with the chopped vegetables are placed in between two slices of Poilâine sourdough bread and magic is made. Pressed until the cheese is a handheld mound of oozy-goodness, the toasted cheese sandwich is the best thing £5 can buy you.

The best part? The little burnt bits that seeped through the holes and found a home hugging the outside of the sandwich. Buttery, crispy, gooey, and salty heaven wrapped in parchment paper. Do you hear that noise? Oh wait..it's my stomach growling. 

Gourmet Goat

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Photo courtesy of Pauline Horoshkova

Wraps come in many different forms: burritos, lettuce wraps, or kid goat meat Greek wraps. That's right. Goat meat. At the Eastern Mediterranean stand "Gourmet Goat," imported Cyprus spices like wild oregano, bay, lemon, and olive oil are used to create a slow roast goat kid meat wrap.

For £6, you can get a pita with one kofta, aka one goat meatball, or £8.50 for two. With the combination of soft goat meat and warm fluffy pita bread, as well as the spice in the meat and tangy mint yogurt sauce, this sandwich takes wraps to the next level. 'Tis a wrap that even Kanye would be proud of (get it—like wrap/rap?).  

Bread Ahead

Photo courtesy of Pauline Horoshkova

Who doesn't love a nice sugary donut? Everyone and their aunt Kathy have had a plain donut, and hey, sometimes that's all you need to satisfy your craving. But with flavors like classic vanilla and crème caramel + salted honeycomb, Bread Ahead Bakery has established itself as having "the best donuts in London" for only £2.50. That's pocket change here in LDN.

The crème caramel + salted honeycomb, a crowd favorite, is extremely sweet, but the giant piece of salted honeycomb balances it perfectly. The donut itself is nice and soft on the inside with a beautiful polished exterior—the Justin Timberlake of donuts. Take the leap out of your sugary-comfort zone, you wont be disappointed. 

Khanom Krok

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Photo courtesy of Pauline Horoshkova

I'm 99.99% positive the people here know me by name because of how often I go here. The pad Thai is out of this world. Eating at this authentic street stand takes you out of London and onto the streets of Thailand. The pad Thai is a classic Thai dish, but it’s Khanom Krok’s coconut pancakes that steal the show.

Pancakes are the most classic breakfast item out there. But these aren't your typical pancakes. Sized at about one-inch in diameter, these sweet little pods look almost like mini egg white omelets. A light batter of coconut milk and rice flour is poured over hot dimpled pans and sizzled until the milk is just set. Each serving has eight mini pancakes with different toppings, including sweet corn, sesame seeds, and chives. No syrup needed.