Tuscaloosa is all about tradition, so it only makes sense that Fuzzy’s Taco Shop opened its first restaurant in Alabama here. Located in downtown Tuscaloosa, Fuzzy’s offers baja-style Mexican food in a relaxed, entertaining environment.

Fuzzy’s has everything that your heart can ask for in a taco shop. Fuzzy's offers a variety of meats including ground beef, chicken, pork, brisket and fajita chicken and steak. 

Recently, we hungry folks at Spoon held an event at Fuzzy's. We handed out flyers offering 10% off your meal and if you followed us on Twitter or Instagram, you got free chips and queso. The event went super well and everyone left in a food coma.

There's plenty of reasons why Fuzzy's is the best. But to name just a few:

They have everything for your diet

Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry, they have veggie replacements for you. You can ask for zucchini, squash or carrots for a meat replacement.

Are you gluten free? Is your trainer buggin’ you about eating healthy? Don’t worry, they've got salads for you too!

If you want an excuse to have tacos for breakfast (like me every day), head down to Fuzzy’s because they offer breakfast all day long. You can get anything from a breakfast burrito packed with their special ground beef to a Big Fuzz Breakfast Sandwich. 

Fast. Fresh. Fun.

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Aimee Renee

Being fun, fast n' fresh is what they say and what the company strives for. They want to provide fresh food fast and in a fun environment. Well done, Fuzzy's.

Even walking into the store I felt like I could totally stuff six tacos down my throat without being judged. It's a great place to go when you want to indulge in tacos but not upset your stomach afterwards. 

Fuzzy’s uses all fresh ingredients in their dishes. Not only that, they also get all their meat supplied locally. If you want fresh, you can depend on Fuzzy’s. Personally, I like to know where the meat I eat comes from and knowing that Fuzzy's has it supplied locally lets me enjoy stuffing my face without fear.

If you don’t feel like getting out of bed, don’t fret! Fuzzy’s is partnered with Crimson To-Go and you can order your meal through them. 

Want Fuzzy’s to cater your event? Check out their catering menus. Just give them 12-24 hours to get all the fresh ingredients for you. I'll be calling them up to cater my wedding, whenever that will be. 

It's a "Drinking shop with a taco problem"

Wanna get a fuzz—I mean buzz? Try one of their 10 beers on draft or a frozen margarita. They even offer a Fuzzy’s Driver, their version of a screwdriver. Fuzzy’s has happy hour every day from 3-7 p.m. and offers $2 PBR, $3 shots, $4 margaritas, $5 wine and $6 nachos.

Friends with benefits, no strings attached

Be friends with benefits and download their app available in the app store and Google play. Keep up with all things Fuzzy on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fuzzy's now accepts Pocket Points. Get off your phone in class and get some awesome deals. For 35 points you can get free chips and queso with an entree purchase. Y'all... Free queso. It's lit.

Be on the lookout for deals through the Hooked app as well. You don't have to stay off your phone in class to enjoy the deals that Hooked offers, but the catch is you have to use them before the deal disappears. Simply find the deal, hurry into the store and show the cashier that they've been "hooked" and you're set. 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Eat Their Tacos

Put some “butt burning hot sauce” on your taco. Or don't if you're too afraid to try spicy things (like me). It'll taste just fine on its own. Fuzzy’s prides itself in creating a relaxed but a quirky environment.

Fuzzy’s also has a distressed fish hanging around the store just waiting to be made into a fish taco. Now, don’t freak out, this fish isn’t real and will not jump out at you. This fish doesn't have a name, which is kinda fishy (ugh, sorry couldn't resist the pun). 

Fuzzy’s plans to start karaoke night soon, so instead of leaving your secret talent in the shower, bring it to Fuzzy's for karaoke night. I might or might not be the best at butchering Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood but you can be the judge at Fuzzy's.

Ladies, get excited, Fuzzy’s wants to start having ladies’ nights. Maybe they need a little persuasion to get it going, so we need to show them how passionate we are about our margs. 

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Lauren Morales

The prices are fairly cheap but the quality isn't. I'm always down to get tacos and Fuzzy's is definitely where I will be headed. They offer a variety of tacos and deals that I can't pass up. 

Head on down to Fuzzy's and experience the magic. Their hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday!