Bright and early — after snoozing my alarm five consecutive times — I walked to my neighborhood Starbucks to try their new line of frozen lemonades. Still groggy from Grimace-inspired dreams, I ordered a tall Frozen Strawberry Açaí Lemonade, a tall Frozen Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade, and a tall Frozen Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade. I’ve always loved a good Starbucks refresher, so I was interested to see how the frozen lemonades would stack up. And let me just say, Starbucks you have outdone yourself. Not even the infamous Oleato launch can compare to Starbucks frozen lemonade refreshers.

What are the new drinks at Starbucks?

For reference, Starbucks’ frozen lemonade refreshers are a blend of real fruit, lemonade, and strawberry purée. Each tall frozen lemonade costs $5.45 not including tax, which given the adventure my taste buds enjoyed, is worth the price. These adorable and insta-worthy drinks are available for the foreseeable future, but don’t wait too long (they’re gonna be popular).

Frozen Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Joelle Stephenson

This was my second favorite. It definitely tasted like mango with a dash of dragonfruit and had an acidic aftertaste that put some pep in my step as I walked back home. And, thankfully, not one passion fruit seed got wedged in my teeth, so the day, along with the drink, was a success 

Frozen Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade 

This drink tasted like an exact replica of my mortal enemy, the piña colada. That’s the reason I rank it as my least favorite. However, if you like piña coladas, you’ll probably become worryingly obsessed with this drink. From an appearance perspective, this liquid concoction looked like a cup full of honey, without the viscous consistency (thankfully?).

Joelle Stephenson

Frozen Strawberry Açaí Lemonade 

The strawberry açaí refresher was my favorite drink by far but maybe that is because I’m a Virgo and have basic energy. The point is the subtle strawberry açai flavor combination made for a glorious morning refreshment. Plus, I enjoyed that it looked like a pink Starburst Slurpee.

When I got home, I added some oat milk for taste, and I cannot recommend this decision more. It was like having my own little frozen Pink Drink (for a more aesthetic option, use soy milk).

What Twitter thinks about Starbucks’ frozen lemonades

Although Starbucks’ frozen lemonade was just released this morning, Twitter already has thoughts. @BigBossKy__ writes “Starbucks Got A Frozen Lemonade Refresher & my Broke Ass Defly Finna Go Put My Order In” and @theravensimone comments “Starbucks strawberry lemonade frozen refresher & 1942 *chef kiss* TML.” Take these as you will. 

What about the Starbucks tumblers?

This new line of Starbucks tumblers are the brightest we have ever seen. There's the Tri-Color Fluorescent Cold Cups in tangerine and yellow ($23), the Floraland Leaves Cold Cup ($20), the Iridescent Magenta Bling Cold Cup ($23), the Gradient Sunset Cold Cup ($30), and the Immersive Florals Cold Cup ($28). All of these come in the 24-ounce size and are available at participating Starbucks locations nationwide starting today.

One coveted cup set coming to stores today is the teal splash bing cold cup ($30). Its' electric blue studded design will be available in venti and grande sizes. Additionally, you can grab a little baby keychain to match your tumblers for $15.