If all other coffee chains went out of business except one, the last one standing would be Starbucks. With over 25,000 Starbucks locations worldwide, it's safe to say that no matter what, there will always be a Starbucks around for us. With so many options to choose from, I know it can be hard to pick the perfect drink. Here's what you should buy based on your mood - but whatever you do, don't pay for their bottled water.

Feeling tired: Iced Coffee

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Amy Cho

It's basic, cheap, and gets the job done. Also, it's really hard to mess up. Let it give you that boost of energy you need. 

#SpoonTip: you'll get more of a boost with a black iced coffee than if ordered with milk.

Feeling lonely: Zen Refresher

A Zen Refresher is part Cool Lime, part Green Tea Latte concentrate, and features peach syrup. It sounds just as relaxing as it tastes, which in this case works. It'll help relax you enough to remove that lonely feeling from your mind. The name of this drinks gives off a relaxing vibe, while the drink itself appears to be more on the sweet side.

Feeling annoyed: Iced Green Tea Latte

tea, matcha, green tea
Liza Keller

All this latte wants you to do is chill the fuck out. It comes either hot or cold, which matches how you are based upon your mood. When people are annoyed, they are usually two-faced until they're relaxed. Based off of when I'd drink this beverage in college, I felt that it tasted more on the earthy side.

Feeling stressed: Swirl Pow Hot Chocolate

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Balim Tezel

There's nothing that hot chocolate can't fix - especially when it tastes like Oreos. It's unhealthy to be stressed all the time, yet having Oreo flavored anything is the ultimate relaxer. Please, destress with this drink that is a hot chocolate base with a mix of vanilla and mocha syrups drizzled either with mocha or caramel. 

Feeling adventurous: Ombré Pink Drink

It's new, sweet, trendy, and Instagramable. What this new refresher happens to be is the child of a Cool Lime Refresher, Passion Tango tea, and coconut milk. This drink is citrusy and predominantly coconut milk based.

Feeling Grumpy: Cotton Candy Frap

A Cotton Cap Frap is a hybrid between a Vanilla Bean Frap mixed with raspberry syrup. Sounds gross, tastes heavenly, and will boost your mood with its sweetness. The raspberry syrup is blended into the drink well, but if you're not a fan of raspberry, then avoid this drink. 

Feeling depressed: Sunset Refresher

The Sunset Refresher is meant to brighten your mood and to help you forget about all of your problems for the time being. If you're wondering, this specific beverage is a combination between lemonade, a Cool Lime Refresher, and black tea. This tea alone cures everything. It's ombre, resembles a planet, and will provide you with some caffeine. 

Feeling lazy: Liquid Cocaine

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Amelia Bowen

The best way to describe a Liquid Cocaine to anyone would be to say that it's an amplified version of iced coffee. The only difference between the two is that most iced coffees don't have four shots of espresso in them, nor do they have white chocolate syrup in them. Almost everyone relies on coffee in the morning, iced or not, so getting the extra boost of espresso in this drink in the morning seems highly beneficial. 

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Alison Weissbrot

America runs on Starbucks. Starbucks has an array of drinks that aren't even mentioned in this article that you're able to order if you're in the mood for something.