If you have not been to the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco you are honestly missing out on a magnificent food haven. After walking through the brisk, windy city, it is nice to find a warm building to explore. But this is not just any building, it is full of small, unique marketplaces and restaurants-- there to give you a taste of what various cultures bring to the table. Even better though, there are free samples. From olive oil and bread to proscuitto cones, the Ferry Building will never leave you unsatisfied, rather there will be a small itch to come visit again. Below is a list of just a few of some of the food that waits you. 

1. Vietnamese Dumplings

bun, dumpling, bread, dough, flour
Kaitlin Wheeler

Be on the lookout for a steaming wooden pot with white globe-like items inside. If you are wondering what these could possibly be, try one. They are Vietnamese dumplings, covered in a mixture of baking soda and flour, with a filling of pork and potatoes. Not only are they a unique addition to your meal, they also are a great snack to satisfy your hunger, full of those yummy carbohydrates. The mild taste of the dough with the internal sweet steaming pork creates a delicious combination of flavors. If you're not a pork fan, don't worry, they would never leave you hanging-- chicken and vegetarian options are always available.

2. El Porteno

pizza, bread, pastry, dough, pie
Kaitlin Wheeler

If you have ever been to Spain, try the empanadas, but be wary when you come back to the United States, because it is hard to find something just like them. Do not fret though, El Porteno has come to save the day. With rather odd fillings such as, egg whites, pork, and raisins or bananas with dulce de leche, you never really know what to expect. Taking that first bite though is all that matters. This mysterious empanada directly brings you into food nirvana with its crunchy exterior combined with sweet, meaty interior. Who would have thought such weird flavors would work, but who ever said they did not enjoy chicken with waffles?

3. Cowgirl Creamery

Kaitlin Wheeler

Never has a grilled cheese sandwich tasted so good. Cowgirl Creamery hits home with their buttery bread and soft cheddar cheese oozing from the sides. What makes it even more delectable though, is the pesto, oh the wonderful pesto. Offered on the side are a stack of sweet pickles. Make sure to eat one after every crunchy bite to cleanse your palate and start fresh with a nice sweet taste lingering in your mouth. If you are a cheese head, do not skip by this restaurant when visiting the Ferry Building Marketplace. 

4. Boccalone

milk, cream
Kaitlin Wheeler

After filling up on the dumpling, sandwich, and empanada, there is always a little room left for a small snack. If you are looking for food that is not only delicious, but also just nice to look at, stop here. Boccalone offers thinly sliced meat cones. Sounds a little weird, but never will you try anything quite like this one. If you are fan of procuitto, that is the go-to meat for the cone, if not, salami and bologna are other options that work just as well. If you are not a meat fan, in this case, just do it for the Insta. 

Recchiuti Confecitons

Kaitlin Wheeler

Get ready to have your mind blown at this small chocolate boutique. To make life just a little easier, they decided to display all their chocolate options in a clear table top just for your convenience. Offering a grandiose arrangement of chocolates is what they are known for. While there, they recommended the tarragon grapefruit and the piedmont hazelnut. Frankly, the first option was definitely for those who enjoy a very dark and bitter chocolate, while the hazelnut had a smooth texture, perfect on the taste buds. 

Life is too short to continue eating the same food. Get out there and explore the world. You never know what you will find.