As a college student, I know that campus food can get dull, and eating off campus can be costly. But fret no more! Go to your local Costco and snag a full meal's worth of samples. This massive store may be intimidating to navigate, but it's definitely possible to leave satisfied with this ultimate guide. Here's your guide to getting the most out of the Costco samples. 

Entering Costco

Pull up with your squad with one goal in mind—tackle all of the samples. Being "cool, calm, and collected" is the name of the game as you walk through the entrance so that the greeters won't suspect what your true intentions are. Flash them your Costco Membership ID. It's go time.

Establishing Positions

This is the most pivotal step. You and your group should designate these three important roles: "Cart Pusher," "Sample Scouter," and "Sample Retriever."

If you have more than three people, even better. Those individuals will be on standby if the "Sample Retriever" needs backup bringing samples back to home base, aka the cart.

Encountering the Employee With the Samples

Thanks to Costco's "Unlimited Sample" policy, we're all so blessed. Finesse your way into getting more samples by showing interest in buying the item and asking how the employee's day has been. They love that. Don't get too greedy, though, there are other like-minded mouths ready snag some samples as well.

Exiting Costco

You're satisfied, full, and wobbling towards the exit. Success! You basically scored a free pseudo four-course meal, the sample employees are your new best friends, and you might have purchased a whole month's worth of groceries for a total steal!

Seriously, though, Costco is a God-send. There's something that appeals to everyone. With its friendly staff and its (practically) gourmet samples. Leave Costco with a happy wallet and an even happier stomach. Thank you, Costco, for your savvy savings and superb samples. You are a college student's dream.

Bonus Advice

If trying all of the samples only intensified your hunger, gather your spare change and hit up Costco's Food Court! They sell hot dog combos for $1.50, the biggest pizza slice you've ever seen for $1.99, and frozen yogurt for $1.35. Costco's Food Court is almost as lit as Ikea's. Now go forth and conquer, my sample-loving friends.