Costco: The motherland of all the best deals. It’s the only place where you can get a flu shot, eat free lunch by wandering aisles and tasting samples, and purchase alcohol in a matter of a few hundred square feet. Although most Costcos attract crazy soccer moms on a mission to feed their children, Costco also has great bulk buys for college-aged students who are on a budget.

Here’s a list of the 10 best bulk deals at Costco, right in time for heading back to school this fall.

1. Meat

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Abbey Roberts

You may not think that buying food at Costco is a good idea, but buying chicken and meat here can actually help you save in the long run. Not only is this organic, but the chicken and meat cost only $5.99 and $19.99 respectfully. In fact, Costco sells over 100 million pounds of fresh ground beef every year.

So cook whatever you want when you first bring the chicken or other meats home, like this easy chicken piccata, and freeze the rest for a future date.

2. Advil

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Advil is a staple in any college kid’s medicine cabinet. For only $13.49, you can purchase this jar of 360 tablets, which will be sure to come in clutch for all those hangover headaches you’re bound to get.

3. Drinks

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From water to wine, Gatorade to gin, Costco has a great selection of drinks to choose from. And Costco is the largest importer of French wines in the United States, allowing you to stock up for #Winesday.

Stay hydrated at all times of the day with the wide variety of beverages that Costco has to offer. And since the expiration dates of these drinks are far into the future, they are definitely worth buying in bulk.

4. Garbage Bags

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Garbage bags may seem like a silly thing to buy in such a large quantity, but by buying this pack of 200 garbage bags at Costco for only $13.99, you’ll be set for the entire school year. You’ll also avoid overstuffed garbage cans in your kitchen that attract unwanted creatures from entering your apartment.

5. Paper Products

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Nothing is worse than sitting on the toilet and realizing you’re out of toilet paper. Buying toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins at Costco is a must. You can get 30 rolls of TP in one package, 12 rolls of paper towels, and 260 napkins. Buy it once and never buy it again.

6. Red Cups

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Buying red cups at Costco at the beginning of the semester is key. Instead of going to the local grocery store every weekend and frantically buying cups for the night, buy in bulk before you start the school year. This bag contains 240 cups at a low $9.49

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7. Gum

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You won’t have to buy a pack of gum every time you check out at the grocery store if you purchase a bulk pack at Costco. This bundle contains 20 packs of gum for only $11.49, making each pack just 58 cents. With that said, there are a few reasons why you should stop chewing so much gum.

8. Instant Noodles (like Ramen or Easy Mac)

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Ramen noodles and Easy Mac are the classic go-to meals for college kids, both when sober and drunk. At Costco, you can buy a 48-pack of Ramen for only $7.99 and a 12-pack of Easy Mac for $6.49.

9. Tampons

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We all know how much it sucks having to go to the local drugstore after unexpectedly getting mother nature’s monthly gift. Avoid this by purchasing tampons in bulk at Costco; they come in packs of 96 for only $8.99.

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10. Trail Mix and Snack Bars

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Bars and trail mixes are foods that every college kid depends on when on the go. From Pure Protein to Kind, Chewy to Nature Valley, Costco has you covered. Costco also has numerous trail mix options that come in large bags or single-serving portions to carry with you when you’re in need of a snack.

All of these items can easily be stored under your bed in your dorm or shoved into the hall closet in your college apartment or house. Stocking up now will save you money and save you time — time better spent getting ready for the tailgate.