Living in the New Mexican desert means uncontrollable weather and a very improbable chance that things will stay the same hour to hour. On those confusing days, the best thing to do is find some good old-fashioned southern comfort food. It may seem impossible considering we're at least 1,000 miles away from the ideal spot, but there's good news: Nexus Brewery is close by.

1. New Mexico Soul Burger

onion, cheese
Shani Harvie

Nexus, a black-owned local business, is serious about their brewing and food, which becomes quite clear if you decide to order the New Mexico Soul Burger. On the first bite, your teeth will sink into the mouthwatering onion- and bacon-infused patty, topped with red chile BBQ sauce. What's not to love about this Nexus classic?

2. Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich 

potato, sweet, sweet potato
Shani Harvie

If the Soul Burger isn't your cup of sweet tea, then don't worry, because the Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich will surely make your stomach feel like it's been blessed. Deliciously crispy chicken topped with caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a bun—this sandwich truly is a mouthful of gold. 

3. Sensational Sides

tea, collards, kale, spinach
Shani Harvie

Apart from their glorious entrees, Nexus really knows how to knock it up a notch with their southern-inspired sides. They have sweet potato fries and fried okra, but one of my favorites definitely has to be the Collard Greens. These greens have a comforting flavor from their bacony broth and the upside is, they're the less guilt inspiring option on the soul food menu. 

4. Bubbly Brews

tea, ale, coffee, beer
Shani Harvie

Nexus's passion for good eats has gotten them a spot on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. But their scrumptious food isn't all they have going for them, as the beer menu has some genuinely enticing flavors. They have a Honey Chamomile Wheat that's sweetly aromatic, and an outstanding Scottish Ale with a deep malty-nutty flavor. The list goes on, so stop by the brewery or taproom to see what more they have in store!