I'm always looking for *the drink* of the summer. Summer, in my humble opinion, is the best time of year for cocktails, fruity beer, chilled wine, and, of course, hard seltzers. Brands bring their A-game in every variety pack, and the consumer always wins. We all are aware of the tried-and-true White Claws, but what other seltzers should you stock in your fridge this season? I've done the difficult task of narrowing down the five must-try hard seltzers you should be drinking (responsibly) this summer. Please, thank me later.

#SpoonTip: Drinking is fun, but be responsible. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking. Stay safe!

1. Alani Seltz

When I heard that my favorite energy drink brand was making a hard seltzer, I knew I had to try it. With four epic flavors, some inspired by their energy drink lineup and some brand new, there’s an Alani Seltz flavor for you. Sip on Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Mimosa, Peach Please, or Frozen Lemonade as you crush all your summer plans this year. And don’t worry, there’s no caffeine in these seltzers. 

2. Volley

Next, we have Volley. Volley is a simple seltzer that is made with 100% organic blue agave tequila, real fruit juice, and sparkling water. Volley comes in four distinct flavors, Zesty Lime, Spicy Ginger, Sharpe Grapefruit, and Tropical Mango. Grab a four-pack and split them with your friends while having a picnic at the park, or laying by the pool. 

3. Truly Lemonade

Photo via Truly

We simply cannot go any deeper in this list without mentioning the treasures that are Truly Lemonades. Truly’s are one of the ancient founders of the hard seltzers, and we should treat them with the utmost respect. We all know that Truly’s are superior to White Claws, and the fact that Truly Lemonades are God-tier. However, I think it's time for something new from Truly this summer, but let’s not forget where we came from and who was there for us most while we were all in quarantine. 

4. Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Photo via Vizzy

Hard seltzer with Vitamin C, say less. One thing I really love about Vizzy is their juicy flavor mash-ups. I'm talking Raspberry Tangerine, Blackberry Lemonade, and Pineapple Mango. Vizzy comes in two different variety packs, a mimosa pack, and a lemonade pack. So grab a case of Vizzy, or four, and try all the delicious flavors all while getting a Vitamin C boost.

5. Press Seltzer

Looking to elevate your seltzer game? Look no further than Press Premium Alcohol Seltzer. With flavors such as Pomegranate Ginger, Blackberry Hibiscus, and more, you will have the classiest hard seltzer at the beach. Plus, they just launched their new Synergy variety pack with flavors Dragon Fruit Lotus, Peach Rosemary, Guava Rhubard, and Watermelon Sea Salt. I, for one, can't wait to grab a pack of these.