As a California native, I consider myself an avocado connoisseur. From Haas to Reed to Hall, I live and breathe avocados. When I first stepped out of the Golden State, I realized that I no longer had my California-grown avocados, but a variation of avocados imported from Mexico. Not only did they taste different, but the shapes, textures, and nutritional values were off. Regardless, I’m still addicted to anything avocado and have a bowl of avocados in my room at any given time. Unfortunately, I have faced the cost of letting them sit, so here are six ways to salvage the precious green fruits before it’s too late!

1. Toast It

Naturally, avocado toast originated in California. Unfortunately, us millennials are not as original as we thought. Our great-grandparents were probably eating the combination long before us. In fact, San Franciscans have been eating avocado toast since at least 1885. Although it’s roots lie out west, New York is home to some of the best avocado toast around.

The great thing about avocado toast is that you can make it an infinite number of ways. You could take The Butcher’s Daughter approach, leaving it smashed and having it topped with curry, cilantro, mustard seeds, and a hint of lime on toasted 7-grain bread. Or, you could take the Avocaderia route adorning your green flower shaped masterpiece with lemon juice, olive oil, crushed red pepper and for the literal cherry on top, cherry tomatoes. Hopefully, you’ll be able to copycat some of these recipes in your dorm. If not, just keep it simple and stick to the basics, smash, spread, eat, repeat.

2. Mask It

Face Mask

Avocados are a natural moisturizer that can repair skin and leave a natural glow. Not only will they make your face look healthier, but they will also help you feel healthier. All you have to do is grab some honey, olive oil, and maybe even yogurt to combine with your mashed avocado. Make sure you don’t mash too hard because you want to make sure your mask is still thick enough to apply. Try this mask once a week, you won’t regret it.

Body Mask

Avocados aren’t just for your face, they can make for a great natural body lotion. Repeat the face mask technique, keep the consistency and you’ll be set with an all-body mask. Apply, let sit for 20-25 minutes and relax. Your smooth legs will thank you later.

Hair Mask

Did you say avocados are good for your hair as well? Yep, the tiny green monsters are essential for your locks. Acting as a natural conditioner, avocados hydrate your dry hair. Mash an avocado with an egg or banana and apply all over or just to your split ends. Let the solution soak in for 15-20 minutes and then follow it up with a shower where you’ll soon realize how silky smooth your hair has become.

3. Blend It


Opt for an avo smoothie at the smoothie station or make one yourself from the comfort of your own dorm. If you’re more savory, combine spinach, kale and Greek yogurt along with avocado, for a nutrient-packed juice. If you’re craving sweet, add in a handful of apple slices or berries. You can drink it virtually anytime, anywhere: post workout, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Chocolate Mousse

Yes, avocado and cocoa is without a doubt a match made in Heaven. The duo combines for a perfect recipe of chocolate mousse with a healthy twist. All you need to do is blend one avocado with any kind of chocolate, honey, and a pinch of salt, then you’re all set! Store in your mini fridge to cool and save it for your late-night chocolate cravings! Not to mention, it’s a perfect study snack.

4. Bake It

Who said avocados have to be savory? In fact, they can be incorporated into any of your baking recipes from cookies to brownies to cakes! Avocado is a natural substitute for butter and is full of healthy fats. You can turn a recipe vegan by opting for avocado instead of butter or cream. They give your baked goods a spongey, rich texture all while cutting calories, so there is no doubt that avo desserts are the superior desserts.

5. Freeze It

Summer calls for ice pops! When the high temperatures hit all you crave is something cold to put in your mouth. What better way to hit your sweet spot than with avocado gelato and ice pops? Blend avocado, coconut milk and agave together. For gelato, add sugar and salt, place in a plastic bag, and set in an ice-water bath. For popsicles, pour into an ice-pop mold and let them freeze overnight. Enjoy these frozen avocado desserts by the beach or by the pool!

6. Guac It

What’s the most popular use for avocados? Guacamole, of course! Start with avocados, tomatoes, onions and lemon or lime. Depending on your spice tolerance throw in some hot peppers or jalapeños. Top it off with cilantro, salt and pepper! Dip in tortilla chips or load on your burrito or tacos. And don’t worry, guac isn’t extra if you make it yourself.

If you’re like me you probably prefer to inhale your avocado fresh instead of toasting it, masking it, blending it, baking it, freezing it or guacing it, but there comes a time in an avocado’s life where there is just no looking back. If it’s not at its freshest anymore, you can restore its life in one of these six ways. Together, let's save the avocados.