Calling all avocado lovers! The first avocado bar in the United States has opened in Brooklyn, New York. Avocaderia doesn't charge extra for avocado, it's literally on everything. Here's all you need to know about Brooklyn's avocado bar, Avocaderia. 

What's on the menu?

Avocaderia's founders claim to be the "world's first avocado bar," on their website, but Food & Wine reports differently. Nevertheless, Avocaderia is serving its customers to-go orders of salads, bowls, avocado toasts, and smoothies. As for taste, Avocaderia gets their inspiration, "from many different cuisines... including the use of Pico de Gallo from Mexico, Shichimi from Japan, and Duqqa from Egypt.”

Why an avocado bar?

Founder of Avocaderia, Francesco Brachetti, a Florence, Italy, native fell in love with avocados while residing in Mexico, according to The New York Times. I mean, can you blame him?! After he came up with the idea for an avocado bar in Brooklyn, he asked his cousin, Chef Alberto Gramini and a friend, Alessandro Biggi to help him with his idea. 

How popular is the new avocado bar? 

Is this just another hipster food trend? Nope. Avocaderia is serving their customers simple and healthy food and people can't get enough of it. They have been selling out ever since they opened shop in the beginning of April. 

Why should you be eating avocados?

Yes, avocados taste amazing and we all can agree that guac is life, but the little green fruit is packed with healthy fats and essential vitamins that our bodies need. Avocados contain vitamins K, C, E, as well as B 5 and 6. On Avocaderia's website, they enlighten all of us on the benefits of avocados, but if their word isn't enough, multiple nutrition websites reiterate these benefits. 

So go ahead, order literally everything on Avocaderia's menu. You need it. Your body needs it.