I like to think that I'm in a relationship with avocado toast. I always have three avocados in my fridge—not to mention—I eat it every single day. No, really. I'm so obsessed with avocado toast that I've created an entire Instagram dedicated to it.

I know what you're thinking – another article on avocado toast? Yes, this fad has now become extremely basic, and your Instagram feed is probably crawling with photos of guacamole on pieces of bread. But hey, it's basic for a reason: it's really freaking good

So, for all of you fad-followers out there, I've compiled a list of the best avocado toast in every single state. And that includes the District of Columbia. You're welcome.

Alabama: Revelator Coffee Company in Birmingham

From its extremely cool and modern interior to its delicious avocado toast, Revelator Coffee Company is definitely the spot to check out if you're in Alabama. I mean, they even serve little blueberries alongside the toast.

Alaska: Dark Horse Coffee in Anchorage

Alaska is cold. Warm up with some really good coffee and a really good piece of toast. Honorable mention: South Restaurant + Coffeehouse

Arizona: Kaleidoscope Juice in Phoenix

Kaleidoscope has probably the largest menu I've ever seen, with a whole section labeled "things on toast." I can get down with this place. Oh, and they also have beautiful pitaya bowls.

Arkansas: Arsaga's, Multiple Locations

With a whole menu dedicated to toast, Arsaga's is definitely the #1 place in AK to grab a unique breakfast or snack. You can choose classic toast topped with avocado, or go the more fancy route with avocado topped with dukkah, pickled onions, carrots, and top it with a boiled egg or smoked salmon.

California: Bartavelle Cafe in Berkeley

bread, dairy product, vegetable, egg yolk, deviled eggs, butter, egg
Heather Feibleman

This place is Spoon tested and approved – just look at that drippy yolk center on that egg.  I would eat like five of these in one sitting.

Colorado: Black Eye Coffee in Denver

Black Eye Coffee gets it – this place already jumped on the avocado rose bandwagon. Not to mention it serves fantastic coffee, so your Instagram post will be fire fire fire. Yup.

Connecticut: The Granola Bar, Multiple Locations

The Granola Bar's menu has an entire avocado section – so you know it's legit. Just on its avocado toast, you can get yours topped with feta & red pepper flakes, soft egg, bacon & jalapeño sauce, buffalo chicken, and the classic, house-cured salmon.

Delaware: Brew HaHa, Multiple Locations

Not only can you get your face on your latte, but at Brew HaHa you can get a solid smear of avocado and crumbled feta on top of a giant piece of bread. I call it heaven.

Florida: Threefold Cafe in Miami

A good avocado toast requires a good avocado-to-bread ratio. The one at Threefold Cafe is a solid 3:1. Now that is what I call avocado toast. 

Georgia: Bread & Butterfly in Atlanta

As if a delicious avocado toast topped with a poached egg isn't enough, Bread & Butterfly also serves toast topped with soft scrambled eggs, smoked trout, and creme fraiche. That is brunch goals. 

Hawaii: Arvo Café in Honolulu

watermelon, salad
Alex Frank

As if Hawaii couldn't get pretty enough, Arvo Café is probably the most aesthetically appealing restaurant out there. I mean, just look at that avocado toast. It has a flower on it.

Idaho: Wild Root Cafe in Boise

Not only does Wild Root Cafe serve an "Avocado Breakfast Toast," with eggs, smashed avocado, radish salad, and cashew cream, but they also serve this insanity. It's an avocado bruschetta with grilled chicken, tomatoes, roasted corn, cheese, arugula, and dressing. Okay. 

Illinois: Left Coast in Chicago

Left Coast serves not one, but two types of avocado toast on its menu. That's what I call commitment. One kind is classic and vegan, but the other is topped with orange slices, ricotta salata, sunflower sprouts & seeds, and za'atar. 

Indiana: The Garden Table in Indianapolis

lettuce, salad, avocado, vegetable
Madison Salomon

A great avocado toast is even greater when a pretty latte is next to it. Oh, and those sprout things. 

Iowa: La Mie Bakery in Des Moines

Smoked salmon and avocado tartine? Sounds right up my alley. Get this delicious open-faced sandwich (read: toast) as well as a flaky pastry from this bakery.

Kansas: Room 39 in Leawood

Whether you come for the avocado toast or the cocktails, Room 39 is the spot. At brunch time, you can even top your avocado toast with two extra-large poached eggs.

Kentucky: First Watch, Multiple Locations

Lucky for those of you who live in Kentucky (and in its neighboring states), First Watch has many, many locations. That means you can get your avocado toast on almost anywhere.

Louisiana: Willa Jean in New Orleans

Willa Jean's poached egg game is on point, so obviously it's avocado toast game follows closely behind. Thankfully NOLA is a brunch haven

Maine: Dutch's in Portland

Dutch's in Portland knows bread. I'm talking croissants, freshly baked loafs, and even eggs Benedict in a popper. And when delicious bread and avocado meet, this baby is born. 

Maryland: Summer House Santa Monica in Bethesda

Personal favorite right here – Summer House Santa Monica gives off some serious beachy vibes, so not only will you fall in love with your avocado toast, but you'll fall in love with the atmosphere. Oh, and get the cookies. You won't be sorry.

Massachusetts: Tatte in Boston

spinach, toast, salad, arugula, egg
Sydney te Wildt

The best avocado toasts are topped with lots of greens and poached eggs. I know where I'm eating on my next visit to Boston.

Michigan: Fred's in Ann Arbor

Not only does Fred's have beautiful açaì bowls, it also has beautiful avocado toast. I mean, just look at that. It's almost too pretty to eat. For those of you that go to UMich, I'm jealous.

Minnesota: Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis

Waffles, eggs, and avocado toast. Can breakfast get any better? Birchwood Cafe seriously knows how to start your morning off right. And to top it off, it has the perfect balance of healthy and decadent options.

Mississippi: Living Foods in Oxford

Avocado toast with a side of fruit? Sounds like a balanced breakfast to me. 

Missouri: Half & Half in St. Louis

I just want to point out that his avocado toast is $5, which makes Half & Half exponentially better. And it's topped with feta cheese. 

Montana: Clyde Coffee in Missoula

Have you ever seen a modern, hipster space not serve avocado toast? Me neither. But I'm also not upset about it. At least Clyde Coffee didn't do the whole vegan thing and nix the poached eggs.

Nebraska: The Egg & I in Omaha

An entire restaurant dedicated to breakfast, brunch, and lunch – it's only natural that avocado toast is on the menu. With a side of eggs too, any way you like them. 

Nevada: PublicUs in Las Vegas

PublicUs is referred to as a "canteen-style" restaurant and coffee shop. Not sure what that means, but they do have some pretty good-looking avocado toast. 

New Hampshire: The Birch on Elm in Manchester

Apparently, taking photos of your avocado toast isn't a thing in New Hampshire. So I'd like to thank this person for rightfully snapping this toast with cucumbers, avocado ricotta, and truffled eggs. A fancy toast from a fancy restaurant.

New Mexico: Humble Coffee Company in Albuquerque

With a slogan of "stay grounded," Humble Coffee Company is definitely a quirky coffee shop worth trying. Plus, it rightfully sells avocado toast, which is a perfect accompaniment to a foamy cappuccino or sweet donut. 

New Jersey: The Warehouse Cafe in Jersey City

One word: cheese. Pecorino romano to be exact. Shredded, if we want to get really technical. And all over two hefty pieces of toast. Can I get, like, five?

New York: Cafe Gitane in NYC

Coming from New York, this was incredibly hard to choose – there are tons of amazing avocado toast places. I choose Cafe Gitane because it's the OG, but honorable mention to Jack's Wife Freda and The Butcher's Daughter.

North Carolina: Not Just Coffee in Charlotte

Although this place does serve up a mean latte, like the name suggests, it serves more than just coffee – it also serves a fantastic avocado toast to be exact.

North Dakota: Nothing

Sorry, people who live in North Dakota, but you all seriously need to consider your breakfast habits. I mean, how can you not eat avocado toast? 

Ohio: Alchemy Juice Bar & Café in Columbus

Alex Frank

Do you know what food styling is? Well, Alchemy Juice Bar & Café sure does. The entire menu (and especially the avocado toast) is just an Instagram waiting to happen.

Oklahoma: First Watch in Oklahoma City

First Watch has made it on this list twice, and for good reason. It's a nation-wide breakfast chain that serves avocado toast. It's a gift to our United States.

Oregon: Cup & Bar in Portland

Lemon. Ricotta. Avocado. Toast. Excuse me while I go try to recreate this myself. Or better yet, I'll book a flight to Portland ASAP.

Pennsylvania: Bluestone Lane in Philadelphia

Bluestone Lane is an extremely popular cafe in NYC that made its way to Pennsylvania, and I'm sure the people of Philly don't mind. This avocado toast, topped with tahini, cherry tomatoes, feta, and sometimes a poached egg, is goals, to say the least.

Rhode Island: The Shop in Providence

As if this place couldn't stop at innovative deconstructed-avocado toast, they also serve coconut Samoa lattes and put homemade marshmallows in their hot chocolate. One word: yum.

South Carolina: The Park Cafe in Charleston

At The Park Cafe, you can have a hearty piece of avocado toast with a side of pancake pastries. Sounds like a balanced breakfast to me. 

South Dakota: See North Dakota

Yup, nothing in South Dakota either. What's up with the Dakotas not liking avocado toast? 

Tennessee: Proper Bagel in Nashville

smoked salmon, salmon, avocado
Mara Davis

One long piece of toasted bread topped with mashed avocado and pretty ripples of smoked salmon and radishes? I see you, Proper Bagel

Texas: Toasted in Dallas

Diana Greis

Although Toasted's avocado toast is their most popular, it doesn't just stop there – it also serves toast topped with avocado-chocolate ganache and brie. I'll take two. 

Utah: The Rose Establishment in Salt Lake City

The Rose Establishment definitely got the "salt" part of Salt Lake City right – I'm talking about those big, flakey sea salt crystals on top of the creamy avocado and seeded bread. 

Vermont: Lucky Next Door in Burlington

You know the phrase "simplicity is key"? This avocado toast is the reason for that phrase. Okay, maybe not, but you get the point.

Virginia: Le Pain Quotidien in Arlington

Le Pain Quotidien, or how I like to call it, LPQ, is a haven – it's cozy, delicious, and distinctively French, which is just how I like a lot of things in life. Oh, and it's avocado toast is a force to be reckoned with.

Washington: Mr. West Cafe Bar in Seattle

This place puts avocado on everything. Not just toast – I'm talking waffles, croissants, yogurt parfaits. It's also extremely aesthetically pleasing. I need to go here ASAP. 

Washington, DC: Fruitive in City Center

As a student of Georgetown University, I am on a mission to eat every single avocado toast in DC. I'm about halfway there, but to date Fruitive's avocado toast, topped with oregano and smeared with crema, is fantastic.

West Virginia: Vandal's Kitchen in Fayetteville

Just search up Vandal's Kitchen on Instagram and peruse through the delicious photos of eggs, grits, biscuits, lattes, and of course, avocado toast. Trust me, it'll be worth it. 

Wisconsin: Basset Street Brunch Club in Madison

A Tex-Mex inspired avocado toast? I can get behind that. Basset Street Brunch Club, that's a job well done. 

Wyoming: Picnic in Jackson Hole

What's the best part of this avocado toast? It's gluten-free. Oh yeah, and it's topped with watermelon radishes, sun-dried tomatoes, pepitas, and feta cheese.

There you have it: 50 different avocado toasts from around the country. I would seriously consider a road trip just to go to all of these places.