Living in Greenwich my entire life has led to many visits to Greenwich Ave. The visits would consist of shopping with friends, walking through the park with my parents, or most often than not, eating. Greenwich Ave has more restaurants than I can count; especially since there are new ones that open up every year. I'm here to tell you where locals eat for each meal. 

Méil-Mélo Crêperie

Meli-Melo Creperie is not only well known around Greenwich, but people who live outside of Greenwich. Although the French restaurant sells more than just breakfast foods, their crepes are to die for. Any combination of toppings is possible which is great for when you want dessert for breakfast.

The Granola Bar

Newly opened and located at the top of the Ave is The Granola Bar. The Granola Bar was originally opened in Westport, CT but they have since expanded to Greenwich. The Granola Bar is the perfect brunch spot if you want fresh yogurt and granola, Instagram worthy avocado toast, or one of their protein/grain bowls.


After a long morning of finishing homework and working out at the gym, most locals go to Harvest. Harvest has light food that does not induce a food coma. Their ingredients are natural and ensure that you are solely filling your body with the best nutrients to help push you through the rest of the day. Their menu is packed with small dishes that include mainly seafood and salads. Order the shaved brussel-sprout salad. It is seriously the most artsy salad I've ever seen.

Green & Tonic

For a quick grab and go, Green & Tonic has all sorts of quick meals ranging from chia seed puddings to protein bowls you can warm up in the microwave. But the locals go-to? One of their amazing smoothie bowls. With about five different flavors of smoothie, you can get creative with the toppings from fruit, granola, and superfood seeds.

Terra & Mediterraneo

Depending on what type of food you are in the mood for, Terra and Mediterraneo are both great dinner places. Terra primarily has Italian food with small portions. The atmosphere is great for date nights. Mediterraneo has a seafood heavy menu but I've heard the pizza and fries are just as good. You seriously can't go wrong with either place so don't be afraid to try them both.

Black Forest Pastry Shop 

To end the day off right, dessert is a must. There are quite a few bakeries on Greenwich Ave but most people go to the Black Forest Pastry Shop. The german bakeshop is located near the top of the Ave, off onto a side street. The distant location does not mean the food isn't worth the travel. All of their pastries and cookies are creamy, buttery and delightful. I guarantee whatever you buy will simply be perfection.