If you follow DC foodie accounts on Insta, its highly likely you've already stumbled across Fruitive.

Tucked away in the center of DC, this little gem of a café is a breath of fresh air among the burger joints and fast food chains that Downtown has to offer. Not only is it entirely plant-based, but it also prides itself on sustainability and using organic ingredients.

Inspired by the vibrant acai bowls and avo-toast clogging up my Insta feed, and feeling the need for a healthy detox following a cheat weekend in New York, I decided it was time to pay Fruitive a visit myself.

Upon arrival, store manager Akeema Bichali talked me through the most popular brunch items on the menu. These included the peaches and greens liquid meal, the antioxidant berry acai bowl and the avocado and herb toast. Naturally I settled for all three, and proceeded to wave goodbye to the healthy detox I had been planning for the day.

I was suffering from immense hanger due to the fact that I had not allowed myself a bite to eat that morning in anticipation for this upcoming feast. Nevertheless, I put on a brave face and took the time to take in my surroundings.

I could see from the menu that Fruitive’s offerings were pretty diverse. Brunch, lunch, snacks, desserts, cold pressed juices, juice fasts…the list went on. As it was a Friday morning, the café was far from bustling, but there was still a steady stream of regulars passing by to get their morning health hit.

Much to my relief, my array of food arrived in very little time and I even managed to snap a couple of Insta’s before my pressing starvation kicked in and I dug in enthusiastically.

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Having never had an acai bowl before (learn how to make one here), I was pleasantly surprised, but not overwhelmed. The granola topping however was exceptional and I was happy to see that they also sold this separately and made a mental note to stock up when I was next in the area.

Between bites, and in addition to reminding myself to breath, I sipped my liquid meal. Despite the taste being very pleasing, I couldn’t contemplate this smoothie type substance making up the entirety of a meal. Akeema confirmed that it contained all the goodness and nutrition that a meal requires, while also being fairly low in calories. I was impressed, but with an appetite like mine I was still uncertain this would suffice.

When the acai bowl was no more, I moved on to my final item- the avocado and herb toast. Now before I proceed, it is important to understand that I am no stranger to avocado toast. As a self-proclaimed avocado toast enthusiast, I have scoured the globe testing out various concoctions, and the avocado toast at Fruitive was up there. Two slices of flax and spelt bread topped with basil pesto mayo, oregano, salt and pepper and a perfectly ripe avocado. It was #foodporn at its best. It was the type of meal that while you are eating it, you are already upset that it’s going to end.

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Despite dragging out the eating process as long as humanly possible, the time finally came for me to leave. I was upset; still fanaticizing about the avocado toast I had just consumed. However, at this point I was a little full and four meals in one sitting may have been a little overboard. I guess there’s always tomorrow. And the next day, and the next…