The city that never sleeps? More like the city that's full of eats! Made up of breakfast delicacies such as doughnuts and pancakes, Chicago can satisfy anyone's sugar craving. Left Coast strives to provide Chicagoans with food that is both high in nutritional value, yet also trendsetting, "Instagram-worthy," and tasty. Left Coast is a new hip and trendy food/juice bar in Lakeview, a suburb of Chicago. Opening around mid-May of 2016, Left Coast has already claimed a prestigious title of being able to serve everyone, no matter what dietary restriction you may need to follow. From gluten-free, to vegan and dairy-free, Left Coast's mission is to serve food that can be enjoyed despite constraints.

The interior consists of a color palate of soft and cool toned colors, matched with fun patterned pillows, long hanging lights, bright blue chairs, greenery, and my favorite, the potted succulents on the wall. The greenery of the plants contributes to the clean and crisp air being inhaled and exhaled, while also displaying and emphasizing the freshness of both the food and the restaurant itself.

While many believe only the food is important at a restaurant, the decoration and surroundings play an immense part because they control the customer's emotions. For instance, when I sat down in the bright blue metal chairs, while sipping my steaming chai tea latte, I felt a sensation of coziness. I felt as if I was in the comfort of my own home, an experience that can be difficult for a restaurant to create for their audience. 

Now, for the food. I was absolutely astonished by the menu. Not only did it meet the dietary restrictions of many, but everything looked SO GOOD. I spent a decent 10 minutes just looking at the menu... Is that a problem? When reading the descriptions of each item, I took into account the use of flavors and combinations. From salmon and ricotta cheese, to yams and curry, this was not your average Chicago breakfast menu. And I was totally fine with it.

I ultimately decided to order the Left Coast Acai Bowl because it is my absolute FAVORITE food. This one was made from macca powder, almond butter, açaí berries, blueberries, raspberries, and topped with coconut, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, granola, hemp seeds, and chia seeds. Let me just say that açaí bowls are known for being both tasty AND aesthetically pleasing. This bowl was that x1000. The colors and the placement of the toppings was exquisite and definitely appealed to my camera...and my Instagram feed. It was the definition of an "Instagramable bowl."

When I took my first bite, was when I fell head over heels in love. The coconut with the açaí and the strawberries and blueberries captured a sense of fruitiness. Not too sugary and the açaí mixture was a perfect consistency. It was not runny and not too thick. I can definitely say this bowl is one for the books and I would drive any distance to enjoy this delicacy.

I ensure you that you will not regret visiting Left Coast! Being able to satisfy your sweet craving totally guilt-free is a win in my book. Whether you come here for the most important meal of the day or studying for finals, Left Coast is guaranteed to feel like your home away from home.