Coming from one of the avocado toast capitals of the world, NYC, I have become accustomed to easy access to avocado toast. Whether I want it with a poached egg, some chili peppers, ricotta, bacon, sunflower seeds, or whatever other fancy toppings on top, I know where to go. It's easy.

Since moving to Washington DC, I've tried a number of brunch places. To my absolute disappointment, I've realized that my brunch go-to, avocado toast, is shockingly hard to find. That's why I took it upon myself, feeling it to be my civic duty, to travel around DC and provide a comprehensive list of avocado toast worth trying. 

1. South Block 

vegetable, cheese, meat, tomato, bread
Anna Lustig

Using chili flakes, hemp seeds, olive oil, and sea salt as toppings, South Block has created an excellent and classic avocado toast. This healthy and small serving pairs perfectly with one of their delicious açaí bowls!

2. Kafe Leopold

egg, spinach, avocado, salmon, toast, cheese
Anna Lustig

Kafe Leopold offers avocado toast on their brunch menu only, but it's not to be missed. Served on pumpernickel bread with poached eggs, tomatoes, and chili peppers, this one is another healthy and delicious option

3. Fruitive

avocado, vegetable, bread, toast, meat
Anna Lustig

Brunching at Fruitive requires breaking the Georgetown bubble, but trust me, it's so worth the short Uber ride. My personal favorite is Fruitive's herb avocado toast. It stands out from the crowd with its creamy basil pesto mayo, oregano, salt, and pepper atop freshly-made flax and spelt bread. 

#SpoonTip: While you're there, be sure to try one of their açaí bowls and/or the strawberry peanut butter toast as well!

4. Le Pain Quotidien 

fish, vegetable, bread, cheese, seafood, avocado
Anna Lustig

Le Pain's avocado toast is topped with citrus cumin salt, chia seeds, and extra virgin olive oil to create a classically delicious dish. Le Pain is always quick and easy, perfect for brunch on a busy day

#SpoonTip: Add the side of ricotta to maximize taste.

5. Summer House Santa Monica

Located in North Bethesda, Summer House Santa Monica is the perfect place for a lazy Sunday brunch when you have a little more time on your hands. Poached eggs and scallion mascarpone on your choice of house-made country bread or a house-made English muffin perfectly combine with a side of fries.

6. Fainting Goat DC 

The famous Fainting Goat is a must-try for brunch, and so is their avocado toast. The Fainting Goat adds a Japanese twist to their toast with togarashi, pickled onions, arugula, and (seasonal) peaches.

7. Slipstream

Slipstream is a new and cool café on 14th Street, and is definitely not a place to be missed while at Georgetown. They serve coffee, cocktails, and food from 7 am to 9:30 pm, but are best known for their brunch, and of course, their avocado toast with goat cheese mousse. 

Avocado toast is a staple in my diet, and so finding the best avocado toast around Georgetown is a mission I have gladly undertaken. My search for the best avocado toast will continue, but for now, I hope these options satisfy your avo toast cravings