Big news: South Block Juice Co. is in town. For huge açaí bowl addicts (like myself), this might just be the greatest news of this year. Not only is it home to amazing açaí bowls, but South Block also offers healthy smoothies that you can customize to boost your day. Even better, South Block shares a common space with two other amazing stores that allow for larger space and broader choices of food and snacks. Georgetown has finally stepped up its game.

Find out below why you should drop everything and head to South Block now.

1. The staff is amazing

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Jamie Rhee

Such friendly workers! As you can tell, the cashier was nice enough to pose for my picture. This place definitely embodies "good vibes only" and everyone who works here is really welcoming. The interior, design, and structure of the entire shop make for a super cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

2. Phenomenal açaí bowls

Jamie Rhee

Don't even get me started on their açaí bowls. They fill the bowl right to the top and add on heaps of toppings. There are also a bunch of different bases, and an option for you to make yours green and healthy with kale. So many options, so little stomach space, but sometimes you just gotta eat 'em all.

3. Co-exists with a delicious coffee and sandwich shop

Jamie Rhee

Let me introduce you to Grace Street Coffee. This coffee roaster's vibe is the definition of chill, and you'll see them brewing their own coffee right in front of your eyes. They make coffee seem like art. There is also a cute little display of tasty snacks and boxed water. Grace Street Coffee definitely contributes to the relaxed environment of the entire shop. 

4. Quiet studying booths and patio

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Jamie Rhee

The inside of this shop seems like it's practically made to provide people with a working environment. A majority of the tables are in the form of booths, allowing people to sit individually. I got most of my work done here with just my earphones, so get ready to hit the books. 

But even better, they have an outside patio! This is the perfect place for when you feel like focusing, but need to get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Trust me, you'd rather study here than be in Lau, dreading that skull Snapchat geofilter. 

5. Close to so many restaurants

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For those of you concerned about the roundtrip Uber ride (which can become a lot of money if accumulated), do not fear. The new South Block is located on Grace Street, and, even better, a few stores down from Chaia. It's  a 15-20 minute walk from campus and will help you get in your daily workout. Also nearby is Dog Tag Bakery. Aka, it's totally worth the trip here. 

6. Price-worthy treats

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South Block's açaí bowls are either $9 or $10, with extra toppings costing just 75 cents. If you love kale, you can make your bowl green for $1 extra. This can sound a little pricey at first, but the amount you get is definitely worth it. They also have smoothies, which cost no more than $9 unless you want any extra boosts. All around, I strongly recommend you pay South Block a visit and #treatyoself.