Avocado toast is trending across the globe, from Instagram feeds to cafes and restaurants. Not only is it an unbelievably aesthetically pleasing meal (perfect for #eatingfortheinsta), but it is full of nutrients and all those good fats we love. Here’s where you can find the best of the best.

New York, New York: Two Hands Cafe

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of @twohandsnyc on Instagram

Mirroring the Australian cafe culture, Two Hands Cafe, a trendy spot in TriBeca, is bringing Australia to the concrete jungle. If you are traveling to the Big Apple, make your way over to Two Hands and try the avocado toast with smashed peas, ricotta, poached eggs, prosciutto, and salsa verde.

Sydney, Australia: Laneway Cafe

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of Lisa Brooke on theurbanlist.com

As they say in Australia, “smashed avocado on toast” is a staple item you can find at pretty much every brunch spot down under. Complete with lemon, sea salt, and pepper, this simple dish is popular because it is low on preparation yet still on the pricier side of the menu.

Avocado toast is said to be native to Australia, as a part of the inherent cafe culture. The Aussies will sometimes top their toast with poached eggs, smoked salmon, and maybe some vegemite. If you happen to find yourself in Sydney, check out Laneway Cafe and order their toast with smashed avocado, pea and mint, spinach, feta, red pepper, and macadamia pesto with a poached egg on top.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Cafe Atlier September

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of Grace C on yelp.com

Cafe Atlier September in Copenhagen is a great spot for some simple avocado on rye. Copenhagen food may be different from anything you could find in the States, but if you’re looking in the right places, you are bound to find some staples that remind you of home.

London, UK: Lantana

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of munchandbrunch.com

If you find yourself in London and craving some avocado, stop by Lantana in Camden, Shoreditch, or Fitzrovia. Try the smashed avocado with beetroot salmon on toast with poached eggs.

#SpoonTip: Add chili jam.

Los Angeles, California: Sqirl

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of losangeleseater.com

Sqirl brings a quintessential LA flair to the brunch scene. It has innovative, creative dishes that are centered around trends and seasonal changes. If we’re talking toast, the avocado toast with hot pickled carrots, green garlic creme fraiche, and za’atar is a house favorite.

Your Kitchen

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Photo by Rachel Piorko

Who says you have to find a menu with ‘cado toast? These recipes are all easier to recreate than you think. It’s all about the quality of the bread, having some avocados ready, and then the rest is up to you.

Try this Spoon original recipe from the University of Delaware. All you need is bread, some avocados, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Who says you need a degree from culinary school to make magic in the kitchen?