Now that the semester is in full swing, you're probably wishing for a little bit of heaven on Earth, something to distract you from the 10-page paper due tomorrow. I've got just the solution: an açaí bowl.

In case y'all have been living under a rock and haven't heard of this trendy dish, açaí berries are packed with rich antioxidants, making them the ideal "superfood" and the perfect addition to any smoothie bowl. 

While DC isn't known for its açaí bowls, there are a handful of hidden gems where you can score one of these bowls of heaven. In my quest for the perfect bowl, I searched far and wide across the District and have assembled this list of the three best bowls in Obama's backyard

1. South Block 

banana, strawberry, berry, yogurt
Maggie Morris

When you want: Convenience or a sweet treat

What to get: California Bowl

With locations right on GWU's campus and in the heart of Georgetown, you can't beat South Block. You can always count on a refreshing bowl, speedy service, and the biggest, juiciest blueberries on the planet. There's no guarantee the bowls are actually healthy, but they're tasty and topped with real fruit.

2. Fruitive 

tea, cereal
Maggie Morris

When you want: Tasty, hearty granola and a good-for-you guarantee.

What to order: Tropical Pitaya

Nestled in Palmer Alley in CityCenterDC, Fruitive boasts four types of açaí bowls as well as a wide variety of health foods. Their bowls are notably thick and creamy, making them the perfect way to start off the day or study session. While açaí bowls are notorious for not keeping you full, Fruitive's bowls will do the trick. Not to mention, they taste like your own personal piece of paradise. 


Maggie Morris

When you want: Juice with your bowl

What to order: Ocean Blue Bowl

If you're reading this, it's too late. You're already developing a JRINKing problem. Though JRINK's only got two bowls on the menu, both are bangin'. Not to mention the wide selection of fresh juices that glimmer from the gorgeous glass bottles, if you would prefer to JRINK your bowl instead. And if you do get a bowl, ask for extra coconut on top and transport your taste buds directly to spring break. 

No matter your fancy, one of these açaí bowls is sure to fill that hole in your heart that you didn't know you had. My advice: you can never get enough of the good stuff.