When I first moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area a couple years ago, I was bombarded with questions about my new home. Missing all my friends, I would mumble, "Well, the food is really amazing." And it was. 

Now, landlocked in Central Ohio, I find myself missing all the meal options more than ever. Luckily, there are some pretty comparable substitutes around the Columbus area.

Whit's Frozen Custard

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In the mood for a classic sundae like the ones at Fentons? Whit's Frozen Custard offers more manageable portions in the form of sundaes or their classic "Whitser," where all the ingredients are blended into your custard. Super delish with lots of flavors and very easy to customize to meet your sundae needs. It should tide you over until you can cruise over to Oakland during break.

Alchemy Juice Bar + Café

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Fresh açaí bowls are always a great way to start the day, but there are no Vitality Bowls cafés around in Ohio. Satisfy this craving by stopping by Alchemy Juice Bar + Café. And surprise! You can knock out another staple at Alchemy as well: avocado toast. It may not be the fresh bread from Acme Bakery that Bartavelle in Berkeley uses for their toast, but the slices at Alchemy come in many different combos. Toast with tasty toppings is a total study break necessity.

One Line Coffee

It's hard to beat a Philz Mint Mojito (though I'm more of a Philtered Soul girl myself), but One Line Coffee, in Short North, gives the same careful attention to each cup of their coffee, slow drip like Philz. They share the habit of describing their blends too, allowing customers to know exactly what they're getting. Both brands focus on traceability and sustainability with the sources they purchase their beans from. Don't settle for Starbucks when you can reap the benefits of coffee here.

Harvest Pizzeria

While there are some pizza options nearby, they can't compare to the heavenly slices from Sliver Pizzeria or Cheese Board collective back home. But Harvest Pizzeria can, especially since I've never heard of another place serving corn on their 'za. And to make things even better, their menu option plus their "Get Creative" custom orders insure that you never have to be bummed about the "Pizza of the Day" being a subpar choice like you might back in Berkeley.

Melt Bar and Grilled

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Melt Bar and Grilled even has The Melt built right into the name, but it's located in Short North and Easton instead of the Bay Area. Pretty easy to guess that they're similar in the way that they both serve gooey grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist. Incorporating mac and cheese in a meal is an instant way to please your taste buds. Lucky for us, Melt Bar and Grilled will do just that, along with amazing other combinations that put The Melt's menu to shame.

Los Gauchos Taqueria

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Everyone knows that guacamole makes the world go round. But could there really be authentic Mexican options in the middle of Ohio? Los Gauchos Taqueria is happy to fill that hole in your heart with extremely affordable al pastor tacos. Despite being far from the coast, their fish tacos are especially popular. This Mexican food is sure to tide you over until you're surrounded by taquerias once again.