As a native New Yorker living away from home for the first time, I suddenly appreciate the unique value of New York bagels. Therefore, I spent my first few weeks of this year bagel-less and, well, downright upset. I had decided that there was nothing that could fill the bagel-sized hole in my heart.
Alexa Levitt

And then I found myself in the bagel mecca that is Proper Bagel. My life/ stomach haven't been the same since.

Here are five reasons you should visit Proper Bagel as often as you can: 

1. The Decor

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Upon walking into Proper Bagel for the first time, I was instantly transported from the outskirts of Belmont University into a better, trendier version of any deli I had ever been to. Think sleek booths and a tall white communal table with black stools. Did I mention there's outdoor seating?

2. The Instagram

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As a freshman at Vanderbilt, it is not unreasonable to estimate that on any given Sunday my Insta-feed is 97% proper bagel. The shiny white countertops and phenomenal natural light are an open invitation to photograph to your hearts' desire, every single time. Not to mention, the food is picture perfect. The long white plates are an instant flow-perfecter (if you're into that sort of thing).

3. The Bagels

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Alexa Levitt

While I still miss my bagels from home, (large, fluffy... ugh) Proper Bagel does a pretty good job of bringing New York to Nash. The owner's family hails from New York and is dedicated to making high quality bagels with a modern flare. The bagels themselves are a bit smaller in size than your typical New York bagel but they come in an impressive array of flavors like sourdough, pumpkin, spinach, and even bialys. 

4. The Market 

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Proper Bagel has perfected all bagel store classics like smoked salmon and tuna fish. But they have added a modern edge with decadent cream cheese flavors like cookie dough, Nutella peanut butter, and strawberry shortcake, all of which you can ask to taste like ice cream. I know...

The delicious veggies are perfect for those who are trying to eat less bread or are just looking for a lighter lunch. Personal favs include burnt cauliflower, Asian shaved brussel sprouts, roasted veggies, and balsamic tuna.

Spoon-tip: add smoked salmon to your veggie trio. Straight fire. 

5. The Toast

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Alexa Levitt

Arguably the prettiest food that they serve, the toasts at Proper Bagel are anything but ordinary. All of the toasts come on deliciously toasted challah bread and the toppings are fit for every kind of craving. 

So stop what you're doing and go have the proper (ha ha) brunch that you deserve.