For the basic betches at the University of Miami, there are five breakfast destinations that will not disappoint. It is not enough to be just delicious – breakfast in Miami has to be as pretty as the scenery we eat it in.

Having tested the hot-spots out multiple times, I have come to find that these five hot spots hit the breakfast trifecta; Flavor, beauty, and health.

1. Jugofresh

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If you’ve been a student at the U for more than a month, than there is no doubt that you have seen multiple posts of Jugo’s ornate acai bowls.

But getting the best bang for your buck is challenging for a first-timer. Although slightly pricier than the other bowls, the Probiotic Parfait takes the cake for delivering the best balance of beauty, health, and taste. The sixteen dollars is well worth the Instagram (which we all know is the only reason you are going anyways).

Not to mention, your immune system will be on full blast after just one bite.

2. Green Street Cafe

It is by far the most classic breakfast place to eat in Coconut Grove. Known for their generous portions, Green Street will never leave a customer hungry. Although their renowned French Toast is  as delicious as it is beautiful, it is the kind of meal that you order and instantly regret eating when your friend reminds you of that upcoming pool darty.

Instead, order one of the omelets that deliver on taste, nutrition, and Instagram-worthiness. My personal favorite is the Swiss cheese and mushroom omelet, however the world is your oyster when it comes to omelet variations at Green Street Cafe. You will leave feeling satisfied with your health and latest Instagram as the “jealous” comments begin piling up underneath your post.

3. Threefold Cafe

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A chic little cafe located in Miracle Mile, Threefold Cafe provides the best atmosphere of the three restaurants. The menu consists of decadent meals that will leave you feeling slightly nauseous if you challenge yourself to consume the entire plate. The legendary avocado toast is a must have for any first timer dining at the cafe.

Atop the holy grail of crunchy toasts rests a heaping mound of avocado that lies beneath a delicate poached egg. Although the portion size is overwhelming, it is by far the prettiest, tastiest, and healthiest (if you eat in moderation) of the dishes served at Threefold Cafe.

4. Lulu In The Grove

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Brunchin' bitches

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Located directly across from Green Street Cafe, Lulu In the Grove may be well known for their life changing tapas menu, but their brunch assortment should be equally as worshiped.

Similar to Green Street, Lulu’s serves plenty of artery-clogging plates however healthier options also frequent the menu. The Green Omelet and the Smoked Salmon Plate are both hot commodities and a healthy brunch option. Both plates are low calorie, mouth-watering, and easy on the eyes.

5. Whisk Gourmet

Although Miami is considered the North of the South, Southern-style cooking can still be enjoyed at this quaint restaurant that is located not too far from campus. As most know, Southern dishes are not celebrated for their health benefits. Fortunately, the Hearty Granola Parfait and Whisk House Salad are crowd pleasers and meet all of the characteristics that you are reading this article for.