The newly opened restaurant near the Villanova campus, First Watch, is the new brunch place trend for students. Voted "Best Breakfast" 16 years in a row in Cincinnati, Ohio, this chain provides the classic 11 am brunch is a staple for every weekend.

First Watch provides the basics for brunch: pancakes, french toast, coffee, etc in addition to unique and healthy options such as power quinoa bowls and a fresh juice bar.

First Watch also takes a form of payment from Villanova's wildcard meal plan, which is a real game changer for broke college students.

However, there's something unique that this restaurant brings to the Main Line. First watch's breakfast foods are based upon fresh ingredients and whole grains, because the one thing that First Watch refuses to give up on is their freshness.

It's evident to every customer that freshness is a priority, and you can really taste the difference. Colorful fresh cut fruit tops off the perfect Instagram worthy picture of your brunch.

Favorites You Can't Miss

1. Avocado Toast

The personal favorite of many who go to First Watch is the avocado toast. Besides being so aesthetically pleasing, it has a fresh mound of avocado that will leave you feeling satisfied.

2. Coffee

Before sitting down, try some of the warm hot pot of coffee that greets you at the door. I highly recommend ordering the iced coffee to go with your breakfast. The iced coffee at First Watch is pre sweetened and has milk in it when it is served to you, and it's quite honestly the best iced coffee ever.

3. Side of Potatoes

One thing I have always missed from home is my mom's breakfast potatoes or home fries. The side of potatoes at First Watch has the perfect combination of crispiness and flavor to go with any breakfast choice.

4. French Toast

My personal favorite item on the menu at First Watch is their french toast. This french toast is unique because it is thick and fluffy. It is a custard-dipped, thick cute brioche bread that out does any french toast I have ever had.

Or, try the Floridian French Toast that is still a thick cut bread with the addition of fresh bananas, kiwi, and seasonal berries.

No matter what you order at First Watch, you truly can't go wrong. Whether you like to go and get your favorite meal every time or want to switch it up every Sunday, First Watch will never disappoint.