Whether you’re headed to the beach, discovering new cities, embarking on a family vacation, or going to visit your long distance friends from school, there’s just nothing better than a summer road trip. So long as your car is filled with good people, good music and (of course) good food, your road trip is destined to be a success. But let’s be honest: the food is the best part.

If your siblings are annoying or your parents are playing some terrible old school rock music (sorry Dad), diving into some delicious snacks can truly ease the mind and make any road trip nothing less than perfect. Narrowing down your list of snacks to bring can be pretty difficult, so I did it for you.

1. Goodnessknows Snack Squares

road trip

Photo courtesy of @gksnacksquares on Instagram

These delicious treats are my absolute favorite road trip food. All three flavors contain a mixture of nuts and fruit on top of a layer of dark chocolate. Yes, these treats taste incredible, but they’re also healthy. This snack is the perfect way to fulfill your craving for sweets and hold you over until your next pit stop.

2. Sliced Apples

road trip

Photo courtesy of @mollydollyy20 on Instagram

A classic but yummy road trip snack. Nothing can beat a juicy apple when you’re on the road. The natural sugars and carbs found in this fruit are sure to keep you going.

3. Pretzels

road trip

Photo by Rozina Fonyo

These are the most basic road trip snacks I could think of, but they’re definitely staples. I mean, what’s a road trip without some carbs? But if this is just too basic for you, here’s a way to add a twist to your pretzels.

4. Peanut Butter

road trip

Photo by Maggie Gorman

Filled with healthy fats and wonderful flavor, this snack goes perfectly with sliced apples and pretzels. If you’re anything like me, you’ll just eat it straight out of the jar. I consider myself a peanut butter snob, so here’s my chance to share some peanut butters you need to try on your next trip.

5. SkinnyPop Popcorn

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Photo courtesy of @theskinnypop on Instagram

This snack is irresistible. When driving down the highway, it’s almost impossible to get your hand out of the bag. For this reason, I highly suggest getting the snack sized bags and bringing some hand wipes for the mess. This popcorn has all different kinds of flavors to choose from (I’m a sucker for the white cheddar). If, however, you’re in the mood to prepare your own snacks before hittin’ the road, here are 5 popcorn recipes to try.

6. Beef Jerky

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Photo by Tess Wei

As much as we all love carbs and sweets, protein is a must when driving for hours on end. Now unless you’re willing to pack a cooler, beef jerky is your best bet for protein on the go. And even if you are willing to pack a cooler, beef jerky is still a must, simply because it tastes great.

7. DIY Trail Mix

road trip

Photo courtesy of @katiwei on Instagram

Create and bag your own trail mix for a perfect snack. This calls for little preparation and creativity, but it’s totally worth it. If you’re not exactly sure what to mix together, don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are 10 flavorful trail mix recipes for you to choose from.

8. Veggies

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Photo by Eugene Ang

Road trips can be dangerous in terms of your summer bod, so be sure to pack some healthy snacks for the ride. Prepare a bag of sliced peppers, carrots, celery and other raw veggies to help keep yourself on track.

9. Candy

road trip

Photo by Hannah Lin

Now I know we just talked about veggies, but there’s no way to avoid the fact that candy is a must for any road trip. Personally, I believe chocolate is the way to go, but of course it’s up to you. Sometimes picking a candy is tough, so here’s an easy way to pick which candy you should eat.

10. Crispy Mixed Fruit Chips

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Photo by Niki Laskaris

While many may be big fans of the classic potato chip, I think that fruit chips are even better. These fruit chips are better for you health wise, but still satifsy the need for something crunchy and delicious.

11. Peace Tea

road trip

Photo Courtesy of @libbiedibbie on Instagram

Along with water, here is another road trip beverage essential. There are tons of different flavors and each one is just as good as the next. Snacks and tea are the perfect combo for any summer road trip.