Yes, it may be trendy, and it may be basic, but our obsession with avocado toast is 100 percent warranted solely because it is that good.

Picture this: hot summer day, blue sky, walking through the city streets with friends and family. What could make this day any better? A nice lunch composed of good company and even better avocado toast.

Now, Chicago is a big city. There are lots of restaurants to try and lots of people to please, so it may seem difficult to find the right Chicago hotspot to nom on your beloved avo-toast. Though I’m sure there are a million and one places serving up fresh avocados on whole grain toast, I’ve scouted out a list of my go-to avo-toast eateries to help navigate the wonderful world of green foods.

With that, here are the five must-try hotspots for the best avocado toast this summer in Chicago:

Summer House Santa Monica

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of @summerhousesm on Instagram

Other than the obvious summery vibes from this Lincoln Park restaurant, this restaurant screams hot days and good food. The entire front facade opens out onto the street letting in natural light and the cool Chicago breeze even when the temperature is nearing the nineties. Nothing beats good friends, outdoor seating and Summer House’s avocado toast.

Served with two poached eggs on house-made bread, this elevated avocado toast is surely a crowd pleaser. You may feel guilty when you and your friends all order the same item on the menu at other restaurants, but here at Summer House you will be guilt-free when all of you are enjoying my favorite menu item.

Goddess and The Baker

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of @goddessbaker on Instagram

Located in the Chicago Loop, Goddess and The Baker caters to the on-the-go Chicagoan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and, most importantly, dessert. The mid-century themed storefront offers a backdrop to both grab-and-go and take a break from your busy life.

This avocado toast is paired with herbed ricotta cheese, chili flakes and lemon served on sourdough. Ready to be taken with you or enjoyed at rest, the Goddess and The Baker’s avocado toast is a must-try here in the city and, per request of the owner, must be followed by one of their many amazing in-house desserts.

Le Pain Quotidien

avocado toast

Photo by Collette Block

Though Le Pain Quotidien has already taken Belgium and New York by storm, its presence here in Chicago is equally measurable. Known for their to-die-for breads (literally “le pain”) and pastries, Le Pain Quotidien is also famous for the wide variety of tartines on the menu.

The avocado toast is definitely their most popular tartine served on their famous bread with citrus cumin salt, chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil. If you are looking to spice up your avo-toast, order a side of ricotta, a soft boiled egg or even add smoked salmon.

Dove’s Luncheonette

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of @doveschicago on Instagram

Though Dove’s Luncheonette may be hidden by the train tracks above it, this Mexican-inspired southern (yes, you heard that right) diner is always bustling with people trying to get a table. Trust me: the 40-minute wait may seem daunting, but it is most definitely worth it.

Their unique take on avocado toast is topped with red onion, citrusy kumquats, baby kale and lemon-jalapeño vinaigrette. If you want to nom like a local, this piece of toast is best paired with a side of Dove’s pepper and potato hash. This combination comes highly recommended from both me and my foodie friends.

Mortar and Pestle

avocado toast

Photo courtesy of Ilana O. on

Mortar and Pestle may be the new kid on the block, but this Lakeview restaurant is the new breakfast, brunch and lunch hotspot in Chicago. With an international menu rooted in traditional flavors and techniques, it only seems right that their avocado toast is out of this world.

Using a relatively refined approach, Mortar and Pestle’s avocado toast is paired with lemon, cumin, aleppo pepper, smoked salt and chive. Simple as it might sound, this classic approach to avo-toast rounds out the five Chicago must-try avocado toasts this coming summer.