You know that feeling: the bar turns on the lights, you gather your friends and your jacket that’s now mysteriously sticky, and everyone exchanges the same idea: “I am STARVING, DUDE.”

Luckily there are a few gems still open cranking out greasy, delicious food that suddenly seems way worth the charge. As in, order six of everything, because money is no longer a factor at this time.

1. Allende Restaurante

Open until 3am, this hole-in-the-wall mexican joint is the most beloved place for tacos, chips & salsa, and burritos by just about every DePaul student and drunk person in the Lincoln Avenue and Halsted area. With ridiculously low prices for the most satisfying rice and beans topped with shredded cheese and a side of guacamole, none of your friends will argue unless they’re avid fans of Taco Burrito Palace (#1 or #2), which is subpar but equally cheap.


Photo by Natalie Reehl

2. Stevo’s Grill

Also open until 3am is Stevo’s Grill off Belmont, a restaurant not many would want to sit in but that delivers a mouth-watering paper bag full of American and Mediterranean options courtesy of GrubHub or a dear friend that goes to pick it up. From burgers and fries to gyros and pita, this grill offers the perfect greasy meal to wake up to the next morning and regret. Favorites include the veggie burger with cheese, or the falafel wrap with tzatziki sauce. Endless options for basically no money= 2am success! 


Photo by Nguyen Le

3. Insomnia Cookies

A classic in the Lincoln Park area due to being such a novelty amidst the heavy late night food options, Insomnia cookies offers hot, gooey sweets until 3am which means around 2:30am the rush to get everyone’s cookie order right turns into ordering twenty assorted options and hoping for the best. MMM, drunk cookie love.

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4. Satay Restaurant

Is the food really that good? Questionable at best. This one is more for the collegiate who just finished a ten-page paper without blinking and needs massive amounts of food (like right now) which is why Satay’s menu of spring rolls, noodles, fried rice, and even sushi can feel like it was sent from heaven above. Open until 1am or 3am depending on the day and right off Diversey Pkwy they’re sure to cure the hunger and provide leftovers for the next two days at the same time.


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5. Bacci Pizzeria

Normally open until 2am, Fridays and Saturdays open a new world of possibilities because this New York- style pizzeria is open until 5am to help out those who just don’t want bewitching-hour tacos. With the option to buy by the giant slice or splurge for an entire breakfast” target=”_blank”>pizza and some mozzarella sticks, what’s not to love about the Lincoln Park or Wrigleyville classic?

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Never fear, late night food is there!