Coconut flour is widely considered a healthy alternative to white flour. High in protein and fiber, low in empty carbohydrates, and gluten-free, this baking ingredient should be a staple in every kitchen. Here are seven recipes where you can (and should) be using this awesome flour substitute.

1. Brownies

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Micaela Petrucci

Even though avocado brownies may not live up to the hype, coconut and chocolate is always a winning combination. Swap the white flour in brownies for coconut flour to upgrade the decadent dessert into a healthier option.

2. Pizza

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Alex Weiner

A slight hint of coconut in your pizza crust could be the perfect complement to Hawaiian toppings. 

3. Pancakes

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Julianne Zech

Try these chai pancakes made with coconut flour for a deliciously flavorful breakfast that's packed with nutrients. Topping them off with some pecans and shredded coconut only add extra nutrition and deliciousness. 

4. Gnocchi

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Caitlin Shoemaker

This rich Italian dish can be made low-carb by substituting sweet potatoes and coconut flour. Who said pasta had to be unhealthy?

5. Tortillas

chili, lettuce, chicken, tacos
Cherese Shelton

You've heard of mango or even watermelon salsa, so why not coconut tortillas to top off taco night? A touch of sweetness can bring out the fresh flavors often found in Mexican and Latin American foods.

6. Doughnuts

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Lindsay Paulen

Doughnuts are the all-American dessert. If you want to reduce some of your fried-dough-induced guilt, go for a recipe that calls for coconut flour instead, like these paleo ginger-glazed doughnuts

7. Chicken Tenders  

chicken, fish, barbecue, seafood, meat
Hannah Cooper

Although it's tough to go wrong with classic home cooked chicken tenders, breading these with coconut flour will add a sweet flavor to balance the savory.

Next time you're looking to change things up in the kitchen, don't be afraid to add a little bit of coconut flour  – it's health benefits and subtle sweetness will upgrade any recipe.