I’m obsessed with avocados. There. I said it. Call me “basic” all you want, but I’ll still be here, eating avocado-flavored-anything, happy as can be. One major food trend recently/ pillar of the avocado-fandom is avocado toast, something I can’t seem to get enough of. If you share my passion for avocados, or you’re on the prowl for a new brunch staple, read on! This is a list of some of the places that offer this treat in the downtown Charleston, in no particular order.

1. Caviar and Bananas

vegetable, radish, salad
Honorata (Nora) McIntyre

With shaved radishes, pickled red onions, cotija cheese, fresh herbs, and, of course, smashed avocado, all layered effortlessly on top of perfectly charred sourdough bread, this toast is a flavor extravaganza. Not at all simple or blasé, C&B’s toast is both fun and sophisticated, definitely fresh and original. The only caveat (or should I say caviar? ;) ) is this item is only available on the weekend brunch menu. That being said, it’s reasonably priced at $6.00, with the option to add an egg for an extra $1.50, or citrus grilled shrimp if you’re really feeling fancy for $4.00. I opted for the original option with no add- ons.

2. Circe’s Grotto

guacamole, fried egg, egg, avocado
Honorata (Nora) McIntyre

Circe’s Grotto proves that avocado toast doesn’t need to be fancy to be amazing. With bread from Evo bakery, which only uses olive oil in their incredible products, fresh, smashed avocado, and spicy pepper flakes and spices which add a nice bite, this menu item is a recipe for simple success. The plain avocado toast is priced at $6.95, with the option of ordering avocado toast with tomato and homemade boursin cheese* for $7.25, and to add a fried egg to either variation for $1.50. I ordered the classic avocado toast with a fried egg.

*this variation offers a layer of cheese, then sliced tomato and sliced, not smashed, avocado.

3. The Daily

omelette, egg, scrambled, guacamole, avocado
Honorata (Nora) McIntyre

On upper King Street, The Daily is a short Uber ride or 15 minute walk from College of Charleston campus. This trendy spot is the sister restaurant of Butcher and Bee, a great spot for modern Mediterranean eats. The Daily is part coffee shop, part bakery, part café, and tiny part grocery with premade foods, boutique ingredients, and cookbooks. Their avocado toast is one of four yummy toasts offered here on the “day” menu, and consists of smashed avocado, salt, pepper, z’aatar, and olive oil, all on homemade sourdough bread which is baked daily. There is an option to add tomato for $1.00, although I got mine plain, and was totally satisfied. The bread is crunchy on the outside but buttery and soft in your mouth, and the avocado topping tastes clean and light.

4. The Park Café

herb, guacamole, cheese, avocado, vegetable

This restaurant came was highly recommended by most of the foodies I talked to about this article, so I had high expectations. I was not disappointed! The avocado is smashed, like the other toasts I tried, but left much chunkier. Then, there is lemon squeezed on top, with salt and chili flakes. The chili flakes were very mild, and the salt and lemon definitely came through in strong notes. 

5. Leon’s Oyster Shop

salad, spinach
Honorata (Nora) McIntyre

This trendy restaurant has a reputation for amazing raw oysters and fried chicken, plus a cool, vibrant vibe. The avo toast is described as “crushed," and has radish, sprouts, and sesame seeds layered on top of avocado that is reminiscent of guacamole. The bread is much thinner than the other places I tried, but I surprisingly did not miss the chewier texture. This toast may have even been my favorite of all the ones I tried! At $8.00, this toast was pricier than the others as well, but when at Leon’s, live a little! 

It's suffice to say that Charleston has all the avocado toast anyone could ever crave. I had a blast trying the different twists on a trend that is quickly becoming a classic. Thank you so much to the restaurants who helped me with this article and who supplied me with the amazing toasts. To all you hungry avocado toast lovers: enjoy.