Cinco de Mayo may be one of the most important holidays. While we greatly value Mexico’s independence, we also greatly value their food. Make the most of the holiday (aka use any reason necessary) and eat all the guacamole your hearts desire, to fully embrace the Mexican culture this May 5th.

Foolproof Guacamole

cinco de mayo

Photo Courtesy of Tyler Kittock

For those who identify as someone who can’t boil water, this is a video that walks you through a guacamole recipe. Fear not, you can make guac too.

Chunky Guacamole

cinco de mayo

Photo by Parisa Soraya

For those who think the peppers, onions, and veggies are the best part.  Half avocado, half everything else.  This is perfect for you.

Chipotle Guacamole

Photo by Celeste Holben

For the Chipotle lover. The supplies for the whole batch of this cost the same as the extra charge at Chipotle.  Now you can have Chipotle everyday.

Jack White’s Guacamole

cinco de mayo

Photo by Olivia Henry-Jackson

For someone cool.  This specific recipe, developed by Jack White’s manager, was leaked after it was requested for Jack White’s personal consumption while at a campus show.  Eat (and feel) like a rock star.

Strawberry Peach Guacamole

cinco de mayo

Photo by Natalie Cantave

For the adventurous (read: fun) eater. Plus, what else would you do with fresh fruits than douse them in avocado?  Try it – it’s surprisingly delicious.

Authentic Guacamole

cinco de mayo

Photo by Jackie Falkenberger

A recipe passed down from this author’s Mexican mother, you won’t be lacking in tradition.  Maybe this is the most appropriate way to celebrate.

Looking for tips to make your guacamole experience even better?  Look no further.