There's nothing that feels more like summer than shucking corn and dropping it straight onto the grill. Slather it with some butter, salt, and pepper and it's practically all I need to be happy. But, when corn on the cob gets to be boring, I'm always on the hunt for some summer corn recipes. Corn is packed with micronutrients and has antioxidant properties. So, even if corn isn't usually your thing, these summer corn recipes might change your mind. 

Cheddar Corn Grits

Parsa Lotfi

I wanted to start off this summer corn recipe roundup with a taste of the south. No one can possibly claim that they don't like corn when it's combined with milk, butter, and cheddar cheese in this decadent recipe

Corn and Pepper Salsa

saute, vegetable, meat, pepper, stir-fry, pasta
Emily Sauchelli

This is a super easy recipe for cooks of all levels. You only need a few ingredients and a knife to throw together this salsa in a saucepan. It's perfect for topping tacos, salads, or scooping up with chips for an appetizer. 

Zucchini and Corn Salad

vegetable, corn, salad, courgette
Jackie Kuczynski

This recipe combines two healthy vegetables into a side dish that can be served hot or cold. Lime gives a punch of fresh flavor while parmesan adds a richness that makes this low-calorie salad filling when served at your next backyard barbecue. 

Vegetable Fried Rice

vegetable, rice, pepper, onion, meat, risotto
Laura Bailey

Combine two of your favorite things– Chinese take out and fresh summer vegetables, using this recipe. It's a super low-cost option for every college student; even those who aren't so skilled in the kitchen. You can also make it a filling meal by topping it with a fried egg, shrimp, chicken, or tofu. 

If you're looking for rice alternatives, you could also use quinoa for added protein or low-calorie cauliflower for an extra serving of veggies. 

Late Summer Mexican Corn Salad

corn, vegetable, pasture, cereal, hazelnut, meat, sweet corn
Wallis Linker

Don't underestimate simplicity. This recipe allows corn to really shine as the only main ingredient by adding spices that make it way tastier than your average corn on the cob. Try serving it on tacos to complement the Mexican flavors. 

Black Bean and Corn Chili

vegetable, legume, corn, soup, meat, pea
Kelda Baljon

Although this recipe calls for frozen corn, the end result will just be even sweeter and fresher if you use the fresh variety. This chili is super filling, thanks to the beans, even though it's completely vegan. It's the perfect 30 minute recipe to cook up when those afternoon thunderstorms hit. 

Zucchini Corn Fritters

salad, arugula, lettuce, cheese, vegetable
Jake Popescu

This recipe brings the zucchini and corn combination in an entirely different, and delicious, direction. It's a fritter that's light, fluffy, and perfect for bringing to your next backyard barbecue. Put it on a bed of greens or on a sandwich bun, but, whatever you do, don't forget your favorite sauce

Mexican Corn Salad

corn, black beans
Sarah Morrissey

This recipe is loaded with all of your favorites from mexican cuisine: black beans, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, and (of course) corn. All of those flavors come together into one delicious side dish or appetizer when you let it sit in the fridge overnight before gobbling it all up. 

Cheesy Corn

cream, dairy product, milk, vegetable, corn, sweet
Ying Ting

I don't know about you, but for me, there are just some nights when I need cheese and I need it fast. This recipe is a perfect excuse to eat all the gooey mozzarella cheese you want. It's healthy because it's mixed in with corn, right?

Corn and Kale Salad

vegetable, corn, broccoli, herb, salad, spinach
Chelsea Ayukawa

This light corn recipe is for your enjoyment the day after you indulge in that cheesy corn from the last recipe. Kale is naturally bitter, so the sweet corn and sour lemon make for the perfect mix-up of flavors. Again, using fresh corn will only make this recipe even better. And if you want to turn this into an entree, just top with a grilled chicken breast or tofu. 

Roasted Corn and Asparagus Ramen

soup, ramen, broth, egg, noodle, chicken
Emanuel Storch

If, by some strange occurrence, you find yourself missing that instant ramen you always cooked up in your dorm room, this is the perfect summer version to get your fix. It's got everything you need for a healthy, balanced meal, from protein to carbs to multiple varieties of veggie. 

Veggie Pizza

vegetable, corn, meat, legume
Gabby Phi

Pizza crust, or a lower-calorie tortilla, is a great vessel for creating a delicious meal on empty the fridge night. Try out this recipe if you are looking for summer veggie pizza inspiration. It features two of my favorites, roasted brussel sprouts and, of course, sweet corn. The topping possibilities are endless, so get creative, whether you want to serve this as an appetizer at your next party or heat one up for yourself before a long night of watching Netflix

Grilled Corn on the Cob with a Twist

corn, cereal, pasture, hazelnut, straw, vegetable, meat, popcorn, maize
Tiare Brown

If your family and friends are the traditional types and they don't want to give up on their corn on the cob eating experience, you can still mix it up a bit with the help of this recipe. Because corn on the cob is basically pre-portioned, each person can choose which flavoring they want. 

Corn Pudding

chicken, sauce, meat
Meredith Simmons

Usually, corn is the sweet element in a savory recipe. Now, it's taking a fully sweet twist in this classic southern recipe for corn pudding. It's typically a thanksgiving dish with canned corn, but why not enjoy it in the summer with the fresh variety?

Now you can run to Whole Foods and stock up on as many ears of corn as they have on display. With so many different summer corn recipes to choose from, all those cobs will be gone in no time. If you don't have a Whole Foods near where you live, try to buy corn from local farmers. That way, you will help your community and have deliciously fresh summer corn.