Finally making the trek back home after a long day of class, jumping into bed, grabbing a snack, and heading straight to Netflix on your laptop sounds like most college kids’ ideal night.  When the time comes for you to reach for that snack, be sure to choose the best food to compliment the show you choose to procrastinate with…I mean watch.

Breaking Bad: Popcorn
I’m sure you’ll bust your tooth on a kernel before Walter White can get busted by the DEA.

Gossip Girl: Fruit
A cup filled with fruits like fresh strawberries and grapes will compliment this show perfectly, especially since you’ll need something just as sweet as Chuck Bass.


Photo by Peter Yu

The Walking Dead: Trail Mix
After you wage an apocalypse of hunger on the bag, only the unwanted nuts will survive.

House of Cards: Chips and Guac
When sharing the guac with your other roommates, you can be just as ruthless and cutthroat as Francis Underwood is in conquering DC.


Photo by Peter Yu

Orange is the New Black: Reese’s
Because eating something healthy would be a crime.

Parks and Recreation: Granola Bar
Even if you aren’t an employee in the Parks and Rec department, you can still get in touch with nature.

New Girl: Coffee or Smoothie
Although not necessarily a snack, we all secretly want to be as upbeat as Jessica Day.

Arrested Development: Humus and Pita Chips
Sometimes, when everything goes wrong in your day, you just need the humus to be your Michael and keep everything together.

Dexter: Yogurt-Covered Raisins
They look like candy on the outside, yet are dried fruit on the inside.  A two-faced treat- just like Dexter.

Revenge: M&M’s
Although they appear to be sweet at first glance, these dark candies can easily be munched with anticipation. And your hunger is plotting their downfall.


Photo by Peter Yu

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Pretzels and Peanut Butter
Even when the craziest of situations turn salty, peanut butter will faithfully help to hold the group together.

Once Upon A Time: Mac & Cheese
The satisfied craving for oozing cheese is just as magical as this fairy tale world.

Archer: Pizza (Bites)
At school, your mom isn’t the boss of what you can eat.

American Horror Story: Twizzlers
This dark drama is just as twisted as the candy.

The next time you prepare to binge-watch, keep a strategy in mind as you make your snack decisions!