Hot sauce is the world's most versatile condiment, and this ranking of the best hot sauces will make anyone's mouth water. I'm the kind of person who always has at least four different kinds of hot sauce in my fridge, and I believe that it can fix any problem I may have in my life.

Unseasoned food? Hot sauce. Stuffy nose? Hot sauce. Head cold? Hot sauce. Didn't finish your homework? Hot sauce. Okay, maybe it doesn't fix everything but it's the closest thing to perfection we have on this earth (except maybe Beyoncé). So I ranked 11 types of hot sauce, so that you know which one best cures life's ailments

11. Sriracha

Sriracha has a cult following, and it can be put on anything from eggs to mac and cheese (really). However, it's a little overhyped when compared with other hot sauces, and that's why it's rounding out the bottom of our definitive ranking of the best hot sauces.

10.   Tapatio

Tapatío hails from California, but its founders are from Guadalajara, Mexico. Its slogan is "Es una salsa... muy salsa", or "It's a sauce...that's very saucy". While saucy indeed, it's usually the condiment that gets ignored on the table at a Mexican restaurant. 

9. El Yucateco

Growing up, my mom always cautioned me about eating this hot sauce that my dad had in the fridge, and that's because it is SPICY. In my opinion, the habanero pepper is a little overpowering and tends to be too spicy without enough other flavor.

8. Tabasco Original

Tabasco is a classic. It's not particularly noteworthy in one way or another, but will fix a sad Bloody Mary and give any burrito a bit of a kick.

7. Louisiana Hot Sauce

This is always in my grandpa's fridge so I've eaten my fair share of Louisiana Hot Sauce. Relatively medium spice, with a cayenne pepper base, it's not my first choice, but is definitely still delicious.

6. Nando's Peri Peri Garlic Sauce

Nando's, a Portuguese restaurant that is wildly popular in the UK, is now selling its hot sauces in the United States. Definitely a winner for those who want more flavor and less heat.

5. Frank's RedHot 

I'll give you my hot take: this is the best hot sauce for wings. Frank's is the original "buffalo" sauce, creating the best wings on the planet. Okay, maybe just my household. 

4. Tabasco Chipotle

Where original Tabasco falls short, Tabasco Chipotle comes through. With a darker, smoky, flavor, Tabasco Chipotle is my preferred hot sauce for my addiction to Chipotle burrito bowls.

3. Cholula

I grew up eating Cholula on my eggs every morning since I was probably about three years old. It's definitely a staple in my hot sauce collection as it makes me nostalgic for the days I didn't have to cook anything for myself. Since I've been eating it for so long, I think it has probably caused some amount of damage to my sensitive stomach, but at least hot sauce apparently has a significant amount health benefits.

2. Sambal Oelek 

Sriracha's little known cousin, Sambal Oelek, is a similar hot sauce paste that is best on Asian food but can be eaten on everything. It's better than Sriracha because it contains full chili flakes and has less sugar, allowing the spice to truly shine.

1. Crystal

Topping my definitive ranking of the best hot sauces is Crystal Hot Sauce. Anyone who has been to New Orleans has seen this hot sauce sitting on every table at a restaurant, adding to the long list of reasons why Louisiana is food paradise.

There's no place to purchase it near me, so I've taken to special ordering it from Amazon (it's that good). It's the perfect balance of heat and flavor, accompanied by a beautiful red pepper color, it goes well with all foods and should be regarded as the superior hot sauce.